2018 Chinese Grand Prix results.

Taisiya Lavi May 17, 2018

2018 Chinese Grand Prix results in pictures

Everyone is always looking forward to Chinese Grand Prix. Racing here being with an unpredictable ending. The weather conditions are changeable. Moreover, unique Motorsport fans are here.

2018 Chinese Grand Prix Qualification

  • Scuderia Ferrari Team with S.Vettel was 100% sure of success on Shanghai race track after the victory in Australia and at Bahrain Grand Prix
  • Valtteri Bottas was ahead of Lewis Hamilton
  • Hamilton didn't finish the quick lap and went to the pits. His last attempt shows half-second isn't enough to win back.
  • D. Ricciardo's car was crashed and had been recovering during F1 qualifying
  • Pirelli decided to provide teams with not all tire compositions, and SuperSoft wasn't available.

2018 Chinese Grand Prix race 

  • Sunday's weather has changed. So the sun was shining, air and asphalt's temperature rose. This was influenced by tires. 
  • S. Vettel kept the lead, and Bottas was ahead of Raikkonen. Verstappen overtook Hamilton and Raikkonen on softer tires. 
  • In Red Bull Racing Team served two drivers in a row without a hitch. 
  • Raikkonen on the starting tires was leading but began to losing speed, behind the Bottas.
  • Bottas ahead of Raikkonen, who immediately missed and Vettel (27th. lap). 
  • Sebastian tried to attack from Valtteri, but he was able to break away. 

  • Toro Rosso drivers collided in the struggle for the position but continued to drive. 
  • D. Riccardo on fresh rubber ahead of Raikkonen, then ahead Hamilton in the fight for third place.
  • Verstappen was ahead of Hamilton and came forward
  • D. Riccardo ahead of Vettel was fighting for second place. 
  • Verstappen attacked Vettel, drivers were collided, lost several positions, but continued the race.
  • The Mercedes team led the constructors ' championship, not having won a single victory in the first three races.
  • Fastest pit stop held by Red Bull F1 Racing Team.

    The fastest in Chinese Grand Prix race was Daniel Ricciardo
    , as a driver of the day too.

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