2018 Bahrain F1 GP results.

Taisiya Lavi May 14, 2018

The struggle among the time leaders was so dense that the balance of power has varied each time. Just look at the results of the practice.

Mercedes AMG F1 Team had the advantage in Melbourne race, but in hot weather on the abrasive road in Bahrain, was dominated by Ferrari F1 drivers.

2018 Formula 1 Bahrain Qualification

F1 Qualification main events

  • Mercedes AMG F1 Team couldn't reach the maximum with Super Soft, because tires didn't provide optimal traction. As a result, V. Bottas started third, and L. Hamilton qualified fourth, but started only ninth, due to the replacement of the gearbox.
  • P. Gasly surprised all with a Honda motor
  • Max Verstappen crashed the car in the first part of qualifying and started race only 15th.

2018 Bahrain F1 GP race

F1 Bahrain race main events

  • Hartley and Perez went not in their positions, the stewards added to the result of both drivers for thirty seconds at the finish. 
  • S. Vettel kept the lead. 
  • V. Bottas did ahead of Raikkonen. 
  • Verstappen attacked Hamilton, but did not leave distance, cars were touched, Max got a pinhole
  • D. Riccardo stopped the car in the tenth turn due to loss of power. 
  •  M.Verstappen stopped the car, the pressure in the hydraulic system falling fast. 
  • R. Grosjean and K. Magnussen almost crashed
  • K. Raikkonen stopped in pits to change tires on 36th. lap, but the rear left wheel hadn't been replaced, then Kimi received a signal to move – and touched the mechanic. He stopped the car after 100 meters
  • The Ferrari's mechanic was sent to the medical center
  • In the last lap Valtteri Bottas got close to the attack distance, but Sebastian Vettel was in front.

The fastest in Bahrain GP race was Valtteri Bottas.

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