Why your woman doesn't love Motorsport as much as you do?

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Women and Motorsport 

Women don't like Motorsport. All of them like beautiful drivers, someone likes sports cars, but not motorsport only. We are not talking about athletes' girls. Reading another article about grid girls by Google, I noticed a strange feature. Even on photos of women with sports cars, girls looking unnaturally. I don't know how about you, but I thought almost all are afraid of steering a sports car. Most of them look like a great app to the car. 

but not her addition. For example - look at Mark Webber' s picture

Motorsport girls
Mark Webber

A woman won't love Motorsport as mush you do. Danica Patrick is my exception, but that's a different story.

However, if you are obsessed by proving to a woman that racing is cool. Take note of my points before you would lie down and pretend to be dead in a dispute with a woman! 

Point № 1. The woman doesn't understand the value of a sports car.

She has been completely understanding the cost of an expensive fur coat, when doesn't Pagani Zonda car's price. Therefore, explain to her how much effort, technology and human time were applied for each detail working, and yes, every detail works, as inexpensive watches.

F1 Lotus
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Point №2. The woman doesn't understand importantly of "team spirit"

Shopping with friends is important. Working together for a minute's victory is priceless.  When there are more than 200 people in the team – it's real magic. Let your woman imagine that she is along with 200 girlfriends went out for search to one unique pair of shoes.

Point №3. Your woman doesn't understand the racing conditions.

Among the female Motorsport, fans are 80% with technical education. Why? Because they can understand, race conditions are one of the determining factors. It doesn't even matter if you're watching a rally, Indycar, DTM or Formula 1. Conditions are important everywhere. Why? Ask your woman if she remembers that day when she tried to catch up with an important event on 14 cm's heels. Exactly! She remembers not only the day, she remembers the time.

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Point №4. Your woman doesn't understand why there is a need for a driver at all. 

Generally, this is the most difficult point. Formula 1's technical progress is increasing year by year. The driver's job is not only to turn the steering wheel and looking around. So, in this way you are the good pilot too. The driver's work in the analysis of most highs indications of that diamond sports car. He is the one who knows exactly what team needs to set up for good speed.

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Try to tell your lady this. There would be one of among her 200 girlfriends with whom they went to shopping to search the unique pair of shoes. That one girl is the one and irreplaceable. She knows all about shopping centers in your woman's district. That girl knows the working time, discounts, promotions, sales, and everything about shoes' trends. This woman knows all about shoes. She is a Motorsports driver! 

Point №5. Your woman can't appreciate the Motorsports atmosphere. 

My dear friend, we have come to the most important point. The atmosphere at some Grand Prix is just off the scale. Thousandths of a second difference. People chanting drivers and Motorsports teams names, but your woman can't love this at all. Never mind. She just doesn't understand! If you correctly explained the first 4 points, then there are wouldn't be problems with the latest. 

Your woman appreciated: she was with her 200 girlfriends and with another irreplaceable one in the Mall. They search for a unique pair of shoes. She already knew that her heels are 14 cm Now, explain to her. There are in Mall other girls like she (with 200 girlfriends) There are  22 girls like her, and yes they are also in search of the unique pair of shoes, Yes exactly that!  And the final touch-she has only 2 hours.

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So, in this way, I have been explaining to my girlfriends the rules and race weekend of Motorsport It works!  Try to explain that Motorsport is not terrible. This is dangerously, but not frightening. Shopping is also a dangerous thing, but not terrible. And sooner,  your woman will love Motorsport even more than you!

Taisiya Lavi

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