Jobs in Formula 1. Most popular vacancy

Romain Grosjean Azerbaijan GP
Jobs in Formula 1
After Azerbaijan GP, obviously, there is one vacancy that is so necessary among engineers, mechanics, drivers, strategists, all and all.

Did you ever think if everyone Formula 1 driver would have a personal psychologist?
Why F1 doesn't have enough psychologists?
Why exactly psychologist?
What Formula 1 driver problems he could solve?
Why exactly Baku Grand Prix race?

Do you remember when we heard about the psych profession (for Formula 1) for the first time? Remember who said about it? Christian Horner advised to Zak Brown (then Fernando Alonso was going to  Indy 500). But if Zak Brown resolved conflict situations successfully, Romain Grosjean didn't hide his visite. Maybe we should go to?

Everyone has problems, drivers aren't exceptions, because we are all people after all. But, sometimes circumstances so strange that is impossible to treat those seriously. Therefore, the list of potential patients is constantly increasing.

Romain Grosjean  -  Depressed.

An unfortunate beginning, happy continuation, and failure after.
What is psychologist advice? I appreciate what you have. Agree on the case in the desire to be better his self.
Romain Grosjean is one of the best Formula 1 racers. It's not because, it's not for reason, he is a great person, a reliable driver, a competent strategist and we love him!

Pierre Gasly -Strong fear.

The effort at Azerbaijan GP corner would almost cost the worst accident in Formula 1 history. How wouldn't be scared?
Psychologist's advice? Cognitive-behavioral therapy, in other words," get used to it, because of Formula 1." You and I can only say one thing – Pierre Gasly passed exam, so now he's not just a driver, he's a real future champion, a true fighter.

Max Verstappen -  broken self-identifications.

Max Verstappen Baku GP
Jobs in Formula 1

F1 Singapore 2017, Chinese GP,  Azerbaijan...The list could continue.....

"I will analyse everything and put that in my knowledge and have a better race [next time]." (About Chinese GP F1)

Yes, all right, but where is the understanding of itself' errors, when too many people've been outraging? A real man - admits the mistakes. Am I wrong?

Max Verstappen Baku GP
Jobs in Formula 1

Psychologist's advice? Start to write diary and look at yourself from the other side. (By Lewis Hamilton' eyes or Vettel, for example).
Let's wish to Max Verstappen smaller of these lessons and more understanding.

Kimi Raikkonen- Inflated expectations

Kimi Raikkonen Baku GP
Jobs in Formula 1

Ah, if not that mistake. How is it so?
This is the case when. a personal psychologist would have gone to another psychologist for the search of life truth.
We can only wish you patience, believe in your luck!

Russian commentators - Obsession.

Lately, nothing starts to irritate as Russian sports commentators to Russian driver. Yes, I understand and share all this patriotism. But if he is Russian, why should he always must be right? Even if he's wrong.
What would a psychologist advise? Do look at everything crystal clear view without bias and illusions for assessing the situation directly, I guess.

GP of Azerbaijan. 

GP of Azerbaijan
Jobs in Formula 1

Despite of all, it's a top Grand Prix race for a 3rd year. Truth. But, why is it such a narrow? Irritates? After Azerbaijan GP I think I need a psychologist too.

Dear reader, get a positive mood ! Look at everything more easier, and then psychologists will be without work.

Taisiya Lavi

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