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F1 Bahrain Grand Prix. Top 5 radio messages

Bahrain Grand Prix was more interesting than the radio messages. They weren't so much, but what content!

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

Top 5 radio messages of Bahrain Grand Prix 2018

№ 5. Charles Leclerc at Q1 talks like a high school student.
C.Leclerc: “I’m so stupid. I am so stupid….My bad…”
Team: ….

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

№ 4. Kevin Magnussen was full of energy to win at lap 30
K. Magnussen: “What he doing!? Guys come on!”
Team: “Well boa Romain this lap”
K. Magnussen: “Then tell him to get out the way!”
K.Magnussen: “Well done guys.”
K.Magnussen: “…hell!”

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

№ 3. Max Verstappen at Q1 Seem M.Verstappen forgets about radio on.
M.Verstappen: “**** **** ****!”
Team: “Are you alright Max?”
M.Verstappen: “Yeah, all good.”

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

№ 2. Lewis Hamilton was confused by the situation on lap 46
L. Hamilton: “ I feel like you guys aren’t really giving me much of a picture. I don’t know what the *** I’m doing out here, cause…..”
Team: “Ok Lewis the target is 34.0. We need to get the pace up otherwise we will not make the catch.”
Team: “Just focus on getting through these cars ahead…..”
L. Hamilton: “Ok”
Team: “losing as little time as possible”

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

№ 1. Sebastian Vettel tells truth to Scuderia Ferrari F1 Team at the Chequered flag.
S.Vettel: “Woohoo…Wooo! Wooo-Hooo!
Team: “Numero…
S.Vettel: “I tell you!”
Team: “uno”
S.Vettel: “Wooo-Hoo! These tires were done! They were done! For the last 10 laps! Grazie Ragazzi, mamma mia! Ma mamma mia!”
Team: “What a race. Numero uno. Numero uno.”
Team: “Grande Seb, grande bataglia. Bravissimo.”

F1 Bahrain Grand Prix

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