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Bad boys ain't no good, but good boys ain't no fun. Formula 1 drivers' evolution

F1 bad boys

Formula 1 bad boys' evolution

Many years ago David Coulthard said that there are not enough bad boys in Formula 1. Motorsport fans supported him. Alan Jones, James Hunt, Jacques Villeneuve, Alain  Prost, Juan Pablo Montoya. You and I, we remembering a special character of last. What about others?

Why people thought and thinking until this time those F1 drivers are bad boys? Character? Fights?Alcohol? Women? By this way, why we can't find someone new in Formula 1, that called "bad"? Actually they are, they're just good at hiding. Formula 1 of our time is one big rule. If you fulfill this, you are good, if not - a bad. But you and I know that's not true.

Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton

Kevin Magnussen, Lance Stroll, Fernando Alonso and, of course Max Verstappen, they are Formula 1 bad boys for now.  The bad guy is seen from afar. I would say more, "bad thing" lives in every man: as in F1 driver as into you. Look at these Formula 1 modern bad guys notes and find yourself!

Verstappen and Vettel

The bad boy for now doesn't care about others opinions. 

It's not just "doesn't care", but there is no ideals for him. For example neither S. Vettel nor L.Hamilton weren't  able to pacify Max Verstappen at F1 GP China. It is very reminiscent Juan Pablo Montoya, and you probably have a friend with only one ideal - is himself.

Alain Prost

A bad boy does what he wants. 

It doesn't matter if he thinks necessary, or just his mood. This is what Max Verstappen looks like in  Ferrari fans eyes. After all, a real bad boy doesn't like to admit his mistakes. Just take F1 history book and you'll remember about Alain Prost.

Kevin Magnussen

Today Formula 1 bad boy doesn't listen to anybody's advice, except his owns. 

You say these guys won't stay in Motorsports world for long time. However, this doesn't  apply to Kimi Raikkonen or Kevin Magnussen. He just knows what he's doing. When was your last time listened to someone else's advice?

Daniel Rcciardo

Modern bad boy lives by his own rules, and if you do not like - it's your problem. 

Very reminiscent of James Hunt. Sometimes seems the behavior of Ricciardo, but Daniel can be called bad very hardly.

Grid girl

Women like bad boy. 

Yes, he attracts them like a magnet. Scientists still can't explain this phenomenon. He may not be very talented, not rich, but women can't take their eyes off him. If we saw crowds of fans around Eddie Irvine many years ago, today we see only a part of Lance Stroll fans, and remember that the other part hidden in social networks.

Kimi Raikkonen

Is that good or bad? 

Self-confidence it's always good, as is the struggle for truth and defending your opinion to. Bad boy (whether in Formula 1 or in real life,  we are all people after all) is neither good nor bad. Look at Max Verstappen, there's still no consensus on his behavior at racetrack. Most importantly, everything should be in moderation. After all, bad boys ain't no good, but good boys ain't no fun.Don't be whether a good or bad, be a smart, my dear reader!

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