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2018 Chinese Grand Prix. Top 5 radio messages.

If you would review the Formula 1 race in China, so it seems that most drivers were in a good mood and no one expected accidents or failures. However, this is not so. Let's do remember curious moments of China GP.

2018 Chinese Grand Prix

Top 5 radio messages of Chinese Grand Prix 2018.

№ 5 Sergio Perez can’t believe to P8 at Q3

2018 Chinese Grand Prix

Team: “Okay Checo that’s P8 confirmed P8. Well done”.
S.Perez: “Ohohoho…That was the magic man!”.

№ 4. M. Verstappen VS S.Vettel know that they do for sure on lap 43.

2018 Chinese Grand Prix

M. Verstappen: “Errr…he locked up and then just turned in very sharp”
S. Vettel: “I don’t think I need to say anything here”

2018 Chinese Grand Prix

№ 3. One road two drivers of Toro Rosso F1 Team. B. Hartley VS P.Gasly on lap 30. The team always helping and raise a motivation for each one!

2018 Chinese Grand Prix

P. Gasly: “What the***! He closed the door!
B. Hartley: “Um….I just got hit by Gasly. I think there’s a lot of damage”.
Team: “Where did you hit? Where did you hit?”
B. Hartley: “He hit me on the rear, he hit me on the rear!”
B. Hartley: “Okay, I definitely have a problem.”
P. Gasly: “I have front wing damage guys. I’m really sorry guys. He lifted to let me pass and then suddenly closed”.
Team: “Stay positive and keep focus, stay positive, keep focus”
P. Gasly: “I have front wing damage. Front left”

2018 Chinese Grand Prix

№ 2 Daniel Ricciardo can’t believe by chequered flag.

2018 Chinese Grand Prix

D. Ricciardo: “Ha ha haaaa! Wooo Hooo! Yes, boys!***”
Team: “Clinical moves”
Team: “Cutthroat. Scary. Nice job. Absolutely brilliant mate”
Team: “Well done Daniel. Congratulations. Well done!”
D. Ricciardo: “Oh, I’m speechless what a turnaround.”
Team: “I think you might have a bit of a thick head as well tomorrow”

№ 1. Lewis Hamilton confused by Mercedes AMG F1 Team’s work again on lap 35.

L. Hamilton: “Fronts are super cold”
L. Hamilton: “Is it me or have I got a bunch of cars that have new tires on behind me?”
Team: “So, it’s Verstappen is the car with new softs, then Raikkonen, and then we have Ricciardo. Again, new soft”.
L. Hamilton: “Shoot, why didn’t we stop for new tires?”
Team: “Because they’d then be in front of you.”

2018 Chinese Grand Prix

Two leaders of the same team, there is always difficult. However, the team is real professionals, and sometimes psychologists. And Chinese GP 2018 is a real confirmation of this.

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