What's the fastest car in motorsport?

What's the fastest car in motorsport?
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Fastest cars in motorsport

Motorsport involves different sports cars racing at above the average speed of a regular vehicle to outrun fellow racing cars to emerge champion in the car racing competition. Since the introduction of the first automobile competition in early 1867, many motorsports have emerged. Let’s find out which motorsport has the fastest cars among Rally cars, F1 cars, NASCAR, DTM, WEC and Indycar racing cars.

Which motorsports has the fastest cars?

To the average car racing spectator, every motorsport has the fastest car. But a veteran fan of car racing sports enthusiast knows this isn’t so; even though all the vehicles need to travel at freaking fast speed, we can still pick which of the competition has the fastest cars.


Max speed in history

F1 cars

Nascar cars

Indycar cars

WEC cars

Rally cars

DTM cars

Top speed cars.

The table above only shows the speed attained in each motorsport, and we need to understand that each racing sport is unique and has its guiding rules that regulate the conduct of participants including the type of cars used and their specifications.

Race cars are designed according to the specification of each sports management which determines the type of car, the build and safety measure. We will now consider each of the motorsport cars.

Regarding the fastest cars in motorsport, the table above gives a snapshot of fastest cars looking at six different racing sports.

The table shows formula one topping the list with 372.6km/h and closely followed by

NASCAR with 348k/h and next is
WEC cars with LMP1 and LMP2 as main focus with 343km and 340km respective. We also have DTM cars with 270km/h record, and lastly, we have

Rally cars coming at 100km/h speed.

What determines motorsport cars’ speed?

It should be noted that there are factors that determine the speed of the cars. There is the need for speed control in sports cars to reduce the contestants' exposure to hazard. The regulations in motorsport, therefore, could be a limiting factor to the ability of a vehicle participating in the sport from achieving its maximum speed capacity.

Overview of motorsport race cars

Let’s get more understanding of the motorsports considered in this discussion so you can understand what stand them apart.

• F1 cars. F1 stands for formula one. It is a single seat, open wheel and open cockpit racing car designed with aerodynamic capability for racing. Its design and operation are regulated for the championship.

• NASCAR. It is an acronym for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing founded in the year 1948. Like F1 motorsport, Nascar has its regulation which influences its speed and activities.

• Indycar. It’s an American based motorsport body formed in 1994. It features a combination of road courses, superspeedways, short ovals and temporary street circuits and Verizon Indycar series as a sanctioning body.

• WEC. It means World Endurance Championship; an international car racing championship started in 212 comprising of LMP1, LMP2, LMGTE Am, and LMGTE Pro competition. The tournament involves long-distance car racing.

• DMT. Acronym for Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft meaning German Touring Car Championship originated in Germany since 1984 but has gone worldwide with broader participation.

What’s the faster car in motorsport?

Determining the fastest cars in motorsport isn’t as easy because whatever the recorded race at each championship doesn’t mean the best each participant can make. However, the vehicles are under regulation set by the officiating body to control speed level to tolerable point to avert fatality in accidents.

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