What is WEC (FIA World Endurance Championship)?

WEC championship
WEC by motorsport.com
McLaren F1's driver has been testing his Toyota sports prototype before WEC race. and Brendon Hartley is giving advice to Daniil Kvyat, we would talk about the WEC championship. Everything that you need to know about World Endurance Championship.

What is WEC?" (FIA World Endurance Championship)

Humanity has always found a way to interact and have fun. As a result, various sporting activities have been developed including motorsport. Just like it was done with horses in the early days, the human society soon found a great way to come together in car racing leading to series of racing challenges. As far back as 1894, car racing as a form of sport has emerged. Thus, motorsport described all types of competition involving from two wheels to four-wheel automobile and governed under the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile called FIA. FIA oversees motorsport activities involving Formula one, NASCAR, DTM, Rally car, Indycar and WEC to mention a few. We will talk more about WEC through the rest of this discussion.

About WEC racing

FIA World Endurance Championship is motorsport organized by ACO - Automobile Club de l'Ouest. As the name suggests, its long hull motorsport where contestant long distances, endurance based car racing. WEC has four classes of events including LMP1, LMP2, LGTE Am, LMGTE Am and LMGTE Pro. The race follows the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup format with nine endurance races globally. It involves four categories namely LMP1, LMP2, LMGTE Amateur and LMGTE Professional. Based on total point tallied, six titles are awarded per season including two world championship awards for Manufacturers and Drivers awards.

Why WEC is so difficult?

Unlike the straight run race championships, endurance racing competition is designed to test equipment durability and the endurance of the drivers. Thus, it is a long distance race which becomes very exhausting by the time the drivers reach advanced stages of the championship. Apart from the long distance to travel, the terrains are not always in excellent condition. Sometimes it results in torn tires, broken body part, and many other unfavorable happenings during the race.

WEC championship
WEC by motorsport.com

2018 WEC season

WEC super season will debut in 2018, and it is expected to attract high-level entries which will stretch over 14 months starting on May 2018 through June 2019. We are in the golden age of motorsport, and so much fun and excitement need to be expected in this year’s WEC championships. Moreover, you could see WEC schedule 2018
WEC championship
WEC by motorsport.com

Reason to watch WEC

The FIA WEC championship is meant to entertain and keep spectators in a happy mood. On the line up for the race include Toyota Gazoo set to put its TS050 Hybrid machine to the test. Spectators are to get set to welcome SMP Racing, the car built by Dallara in association with BR Engineering. There is strong indication that TRS Racing/Manor has announced their participation and ByKolles Racing. What will be different in this 2018/2018 WEC championship is technology! Already, from all indications, participants at this year’s WEC 2018 championship are jostling to outdo themselves, and this means spectators will have the best show ever!

Resume World Endurance Championship

Vineyard information making the round involves the talk about ORECA being the official chassis supplier and the operating team as well. Spectators need to pay close attention to this year’s champs coming up soon. After all said and done, one thing is sure for this year’s WEC championship; it will be a display of the fastest moving cars and a display of advanced technology in the different model and types of motorsport cars!

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