What is the FIA? Federation Internationale de l'Automobile.

What is the FIA
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FIA meaning 

Federation Internationale de l'Automobile is a global organization dedicated to Motorsports. it also promotes sustainable, safe, and mobility access for all road users in the entire world. The FIA organization works with several key areas such as campaigns, mobility, and sports. In terms of Mobility, FIA works to ensure that affordable, clean, and safe transport or available to all Road users. FIA is not just an organization for Motorsports it's dedicated to the safety of people to travel on the roads.

FIA and Racing

FIA has been involved in Motorsports for a long time. racing became popular in the early 20th century but there were no safety regulations or fair competition. Automobile Club de France Decided to Ally itself with 12 clubs from around the world. This formed the association Internationale des Automobile Clubs Reconnus. in 1950, the Formula One World Championship was inaugurated and this turned FIA into a global Motorsports organization. They are apart of many different championships such as the World Rally Championship or Formula One.
They are dedicated to Motorsports and want to ensure safety as well as fair play for all that compete in these sporting events. FIA helps to regulate the major sporting events involved with auto racing. they provide an impartial judging system and they are considered the world Arbiter in the Motorsports world.

What is the FIA

FIA Worl Championship

Formula One World Championship (Formula 1), FIA World Rally championship (WRC), FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), FIA World Touring Car Cup (WTCC), FIA World Rallycross Championship (WRX)

For more information, you can see the official FIA website - www.fia.com

FIA organization

The mobility department of FIA is looked after by the Secretary-General for Automobile Mobility. They represent mobility clubs worldwide. This is to ensure the exchange of best practices and information which represents the club members on the international level. the department works on public policy, strategies, and initiatives for FIA.

For the activities of the sports Department of FIA, the secretary-general for Motorsport is involved with this. This department represents sports clubs on a worldwide basis. they work on best practices and exchange information between the clubs and Implement decisions which the world Motor Sport Council decided upon. the secretary-general will work with various sporting commissions involved in FIA.

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Membership - 239 national organizations
President Jean Todt
Driving Safety

Most people understand that Motorsports are quite dangerous so FIA Works to improve safety at the major sporting events and to all levels of various competitions. FIA has worked to ensure that deaths from racing decrease every year. They are committed to reducing injuries and deaths from all areas of Motorsports. they work to develop and improve safety technology to keep drivers safe. They work to improve the standards, create training, and education so all drivers and workers in Motorsports are kept safe.


FIA is also active in many different campaigns to ensure environmental sustainability and road safety. they are working to reduce road fatalities on a global basis. but their new action for road safety program works to help save the lives of millions of people by the end of this decade. Their work has been embraced by many governments around the world organizations and member clubs.


FIA Institute, FIA Foundation, International Olympic Committee, World Health Organization, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, World Tourism Organization, UN Environment Programme.

FIA is also working to ensure that there's a green future in the world of Motorsports and that we look after our environment in a sustainable way. They are also working on initiatives to ensure that more women are represented in the world of Motorsports.

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