The initial results of Barcelona F1 testing.

Barcelona F1 tests
The initial results of Barcelona F1 testing
Let's analyze the results of the F1 test. I want to warn you that this is just an impression of the atmosphere that journalists, observers, and F1 team directors are so diligently heating up. Anyway, no matter what time F1 cars are shown, no matter what kind of loud words the representatives of the teams say, everyone wants to know the favorites of the F1 2018 season.

1th. place.  Despite the results of speed, the Mercedes F1 team does remaining to be a favorite. The reason - apparently the only F1 team that tries to hide the real results of speed from their rivals. Meanwhile, MercedesF1 team drivers didn't hide it.

2th. place Scuderia Ferrari F1 team is after V. Bottas by journalists and other experts' opinions. Don't know whoever came up with to divide drivers for 1st and 2nd? However, they preferred the idea that a place number one goes to S. Vettel, and K.Raikkonen will take the 2nd position. The reason is the fact that Formula 1 team focused on S. Vettel. I couldn't understand why it so important because this number will get to one F1 driver for today, but it will go to another for tomorrow. Is this important? 

3th. Red Bull F1 team. this is another team that has been looking at rivals speed' before showing own. Here again, social stratification, 1th. a place for M. Verstappen and 2nd to D. Ricciardo respectively. Although, in my opinion, the F1 race and  Daniel's experience can put a lot in its place. 

4th place for the Williams F1 team. Here is everything that is absolutely clear because the team does not make loud statements and no one gives large hope. All modestly, the F1 team pretended on the 4th position in the F1 championship

5th. Perhaps the most interesting and most unpredictable during F1 season. Very strange real speed results of the McLaren team. Absolutely different performance for days. You know in Russia there is a saying "densely - empty." I think this is the same situation with McLaren F1 Team. However, if the team made progress, the progress will be a clear application for the leadership of the F1 2018 season. Reason - guys worked very hard, the new engines - just a consequence. 
Toro Rosso F1 team wouldn't do inferior to them. Here is a similar policy in which you can't see the real speed results. 

Official information by
Red Bull Racing (+0,3)
Ferrari (+0,350)
Renault (+1,3)
Haas F1 (+1,4)
McLaren (+1,5)
Toro Rosso (+1,6)
Force India (+1,7)
Williams (+1,8)
Sauber (+2,0)

In any case, things can change, so we need to wait for first GP in F1 2018 season. (Australian GP, 25 March)

Taisiya Lavi

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