The 2018 Australian Grand Prix. How to be a winner?

Sebastian Vettel
How to be a winner? 

How to be a winner? 
How important is a win for the F1 driver?
What is the secret of Sebastian Vettel's success? 
Why Vettel won Australian GP? Formula 1 driver Sebastian Vettel's way of a win. 

The day before, there was difficult to believe that Sebastian Vettel will perform above the 2nd place. The confidence strong and bold Lewis Hamilton was stunning. Look at how confident he was smiling. All were convinced to prove who is who in this year in 1st. GP will be a miracle. What is this miracle? What helps man to succeed in spite of prying eyes?

1. He thought about himself.

Despite journalist's and fans' pressure, Scuderia Ferrari F1 teams' driver was so focused, that barely flashed a smile at the press conference. It became clear that he was thinking about 1st. place since 1st. interview.
Only winning was in Sebastian Vettel's mind. 

Journalist: "can you and Ferrari find the speed to beat this guy over a whole season this year?" Sebastian Vettel: "We don't have the answer now. We try. ... I don't think it's the plan but I'm very confident that we're not using four engines this weekend, so we don't need to worry now". (

And then Rolex Australian Grand Prix results in qualification. 
1. Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 
2. Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari) 
3. Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) 
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Therefore, never pay attention to your competitors, think about yourself, about what is important to you. So, doing it also, as Sebastian Vettel did on GP 
2. He was left alone and he did what he had to do. 
Throughout the weekend, S. Vettel exactly knew what he had to do. Even he didn't say it out loud, great F1 driver just knew. It is not important, he isn't the first in qualifications, as isn't important he didn't take the first position on first turn corner of Australian autodrome. The Formula 1 driver just knew that is necessary for him. look at his interview after the race. 

Sebastian Vettel: "I mean my start, I was hoping for it to be a little bit better, but it didn’t really work, so I had to settle for third. And then, towards the end of that first stint, I lost a little bit the connection to Lewis and Kimi ahead. I was struggling a little bit with the tires. I felt happier with the soft tires, with the yellow tires at the end, for the second stint. Obviously, I was praying for safety and there was a car that stopped in Turn 4 and I was like ‘no, it’s not coming out’ and then somebody stopped, I think it was a Haas,...."

Only 'wipe the smile off his (L. Hamilton) face'. And he did that, So, always do listening to yourself inner voice. He will tell you how to succeed and come to victory under the first number

3. Who cares what anyone else says! 
Now there are many rumors about the Haas F1 Team and that sabotage. First of all. It didn't make any sense. Secondly. Haas F1's team was very fast, that's true. There is more truth in Haas F1'team force than in all rumors. 

It will not matter what anybody says. Don't pay attention to other people's speculation and rumors, and Lady luck will hear you and all your hard work.

The 2018 Australian Grand Prix
The 2018 Australian Grand Prix

The safety car had become the point in Australian Grand Prix, it was a miracle for Sebastian Vettel. However, I agree that all of these wouldn't have happened if Vettel didn't t follow his strong win way. Now, tell me, how important is winning?

Did someone ever tell you that one moment can change the lives of other people? Do you remember Sergio Marchionne words and senses before Formula 1 racing starts? Look it for now.
There could have been no better starting for Ferrari in this Championship,....” - Sergio Marchionne
The 2018 Australian Grand Prix
The 2018 Australian Grand Prix
Victory is important for every driver, for every man, every human. Small or big, it doesn't matter. Achievement leads to others! However, you need to work on yourself to win. I heartily congratulate Sebastian Vettel. He deserves this ovation.

Taisiya Lavi

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