Mclaren F1 team: fifty shades speed.

Mclaren F1 team
Mclaren F1 team

McLaren F1 team's performance at the pre-season F1 tests can hardly be called calm. Orange colors car's appearance was accompanied by speculation and rumors at the beginning. Everything as well as in "Fifty Shades" film. However, we are going to compare completely different things. The fact that McLaren F1 team's result indicators have been changing very quickly; as well as the problems. It is very difficult to say that the case in the F1 team hides true potential, because people are the most sincere in F1 racing. Let's see, what McLaren drivers had to face in F1 Barcelona testing days.

Day 1. Unpredictable Wheel. 

McLaren-Renault flies off the race track at the last corner, we saw the red flag. 
The reason is a bad screwed wheel. 
The total number of laps - 50  (it's against 104 by D. Ricciardo). 
There are no complaints from the team, and drivers too. McLaren F1 team drivers are satisfied.

Mclaren F1 team
Mclaren F1 team

Day 2. Rookie MCL33. 

It begins very optimistic, even McLaren's fans are cheered up very enthusiastically. Is it the legendary return planned? Stoffel Vandoorne drove 37 laps only. 
The reason is in problem with the exhaust system on his MCL33. He stood in the pits for the second half of the day.

Day 3. Inspiring snow

There was an impression that F1 tests wouldn't take place due to snowfall. However, not for the McLaren F1 team:5 laps in special conditions. The first and almost the only driver of McLaren completes a snowy day in the first place. Please note-no problem.

Mclaren F1 team
Mclaren F1 team

The team was looking very optimistic. Eric Boullier comments on the situation with weather conditions very enthusiastically. This day could be called one of the most inspiring, there was an impression that not only Mclaren fans, but all team members had soared spirit. 

Mclaren F1 team
Mclaren F1 team
Day 4. Legendary return

It is started no less vigorously, the positive charge of the 3rd day was survived at all. There was one of the most productive days. Spanish McLaren F1 driver has driven 51 laps for 3 hours, Stoffel Vandoorne had 110 for all day.
Resume: 1210 miles and 261 laps for 4 days.
Such results are already clear progress after last year. That's what I thought, you and McLaren team to. 
Why do take the time to take stock? On this day Eric Boullier commented on the first results of the new cooperation with RenaultOn the one side, where was the hurry? On another side, we could understand Eric Boullier to. Progress, even small, it is the progress too.
The question is it the same progress that powerful F1 team needs? Anyway, it is quite another question.

Mclaren F1 team
F1 official

Meanwhile, the affairs from outside begin to be adjusted, F1 experts are beginning to talk about Spanish driver's career. It would be great if at this very positive moment the "experts" have been spoken about the positive aspects of the working driver schedule. Of course, they don't. It's clear to everyone that he deserved victories. So, you must blame for everything about this collaboration: both the F1 team and management and F1 driver to. Why all this talk
Other F1 experts began to talk more and more, like oil in the fire.

Day 5. Electronic failure.

Stoffel Vandoorne did take 38 laps and 3 stops. There are again lots of conjecture, the reasons for the search – the search for the guilty. 
Why we're not looking for criminals like we're looking for the guilty of McLaren's team?
The reason is the electronic failure, F1 car hasn't received damage. I have the impression that as soon as the Spanish driver begins to achieve at least the slightest success, there is an army of people who want to say something. This is usually not the most pleasant. I don't count myself, I'm interested in the fate of Mclaren's team as any other team of F1 championship.

Mclaren F1 team
Social Media

Day 6. Oil leak.

 Everything was clearly in McLaren boxes again. The results continue to improve - 1: 19.856 for the lap. Suddenly....there is an oil leak and engine replacement. 

In fact, we analyze F1 test days of one team. This is important, but I noticed how much public attention is focused on mistakes and shortcomings. There is not about success, but mistakes. Everything could happen with the other F1 team at all. There are lots of "BUT", however, the main "BUT" of all is sounds like "Let McLaren F1 team accustoms after such a long time!". I guess McLaren directors have a similar point of opinion, but, it's true, not an attempt to "confuse" someone.

Day 7. MCL33 needs to adjust to conditions

54 laps, 6th. time and a few stops. The reason sounds like "the car needs to adjust to conditions." All of what was mentioned earlier.

Day 8. Right direction.

151 laps and everything went good. 
After all again, and again (as soon as we reach the "good" mark ) again we'd been heard new comments from the drivers for now. Sergio Perez decided not to stand aside and speaks "It's not that impossible!»

Mclaren F1 team
Social Media photo

Day 9. Oil leakage.

A few laps to test aerodynamics. 6 laps on Hypersoft and there is a red flag again: oil leakage and engine replacement.  
I don't know exactly what happened in Mclaren's boxes, but after a while, MCL33 was back on the racetrack.
UltraSoft and 1:19.192 (7th. time), 34 laps, 67 laps - 1:19.192 (7th time), 83 laps. After a time, McLaren's car just flew up with 1:17.981. We had 93 laps with 1:17.784 time (2nd. time).

After that, the team leaders decided to keep a low profile. There are no more colorful comments by Eric Boullier. And this was the right decision because as soon as Mclaren team starts to achieve a little bit at least some success, everybody has been starting to talk. 
So, you could to don't believe in all McLaren drivers, or in success, or in leadership, or in the motors. 
For many people, it's like a little game with trying to figure out who is to blame. Who is to blame? Engine? MCL33? Driver? What about, if no one is blame? What if that's what it's supposed to be?

McLaren's orange beauty showed all fifty shades' speed. But, what difference does it make that the F1 car can shows for different weather conditions, under different loads, if we are still looking for guilty?

Taisiya Lavi

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