Kevin Magnussen VS Jean Todt. Not children's game with HALO

Kevin Magnussen
Kevin Magnussen
Serious person.
Jean Todt is one person, who is forced you to respect him, FIA, rules, Formula 1 racing. He will force you everything. He can, not because Todt is The FIA's director.
Dissatisfied? Well, "No one holds in Formula 1".  So, this is the case when it is the right position. Why?

Strange Halo F1 device
"I'm not impressed with the whole thing and if you give me a chainsaw I would take it off." - said Mercedes boss Toto Wolff quite recently.  At that point, every F1's fan was ready to spend the money on the chainsaw and give it into Toto's hands.

For why we love Kevin Magnussen?
I remember last time when heard such sincere words. Those were by Kevin Magnussen. But that was a long time ago.  The words were sincere but are better to don't show it to kids. Kevin Magnussen is one of those people who don't go in the usual way. He does what he feels, and says what he thinks. Sometimes it's wrong, but how can you don't feel like him when he doesn't feel liking Halo F1's device? Moreover, Kevin talks about it openly!

"It's very annoying and ugly, And it's hard to get in and out of the car. Hard to get the steering wheel on and off. It's just awkward and annoying," - said out Kevin.  Beautifully said? Truth! All the fans will support him. I'd would have to, it wasn't find out one, but very important detail.


Back to the past.
In December 2015 Alex Wurz, Jenson Button, and Sebastian Vettel did ask to "urging us to decide for head protection for the drivers". Moreover, before a meeting to decide on its adoption in July 2016, the GPDA said: "Don't be weak and please respect what we have asked you on safety." (by information)

Who is to blame? Is something, that looks bad, or who did that, or who asked to do it?

I don't have any complaints about Magnussen. He's great because he's not afraid to be honest with other people. So, is Halo F1 device as bad looking as someone's behavior(who asked about protection before)?

Jean Todt
Jean Todt

"I am amazed to hear some people say: 'OK, motor racing is dangerous, if it happens, it happens,"
"Can you imagine how we would all feel if something happened and if we would have had the halo it would not have happened
?" (Jean Todt to

FIA's director said, then FIA's directors did. Didn't you like? No one holds you! Drivers aren't children. Everyone will pay for said words. Won't you?

Taisiya Lavi

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