How much does a rally car cost?

How much does a rally car cost?
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How much does a rally car cost? 

I love racing cars, and I know many people do! But something keeps popping up in my mind about how much does it cost to get a rally car? I know for sure that you cannot get race cars for sale as we do for regular cars, so like most people out there, I am curious how much it costs to get a rally car? We did a little search on the subject and below is what we got.

How much does a rally car cost?
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By the way, what is a rally car?

Rally cars are unique cars for participating in FIA World Rally Championship, a motorsport event holding since 1973. It involves two main championship – the driver’s and manufacturer’s championships. These are two events with the same scoring point system consisting of 13 three-day events holding on challenging terrains to determine the champion!

How much does a rally car cost?
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Rally cars are not ordinary cars.

Perhaps you have seen them before looking like regular cars, but I tell you they are not! Any vehicle that plies the kind of terrains designed for FIA WRC event cannot be the typical vehicle. Take your regular car through those roads, and you better kiss your car goodbye.

Rally cars racing are not some off-the-shelf household items; they are built!

Any car that will participate in rally competition needs to be dressed for the occasion. Yea, you need to get appropriate rally car accessories to build a car to take part in the event. So let’s get an idea of what you will need to have a qualified rally car for FIA rally car championship. When you know there rally car accessories, it is easier to it costs for a rally car racing.

How much does a rally car cost?
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The following are Rally car accessories to build a race car for sale:

S/N Parts Required Costs $


1. Engine Cost 225,000

2. Turbochargers Cost 150,000

3. Anti-lag systems Cost 10,000

4. Four Wheel Drive Cost 25,000

5. Sequential Gearboxes Cost 250,000

6. Aerodynamic Parts Cost 125,000

7. Extra Enhancements Cost 50,000

8. Tires Cost 20,000

9. Accident Damaging (Expense) 420,000

Total Cost 1,275,000


Why does a rally car cost so?

Rally car racing is rigorous motorsport. It needs to navigate highly challenging terrains where the ordinary car cannot ride on without getting in trouble. For the vehicle to survive the abuse and protect the driver from injuries, the right rally car accessories are required to build a rugged and fit for the championship car. However, the above costing to get a rally racing car is the basic and the least you can get. Therefore, the more features and power with the aspiration to win you have, the more money you will need to get what you want.

How much does a rally car cost?
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What happens in case of an accident and the car gets damaged?

Of course, fixing a rally racing car damaged in the accident needs money. The affected parts will be replaced and the car put back to active use. We are talking breathtaking expenses you can figure out by taking a look at the cost table above.


Where’s to buy a rally car?

Buying a rally race car for sale won’t save you the expenses if you are competing in FIA WRC because all participating vehicles must meet grand competition rules. However, if you want a rally car to buy, you can check the following check car forums like VW Vortex, Dirty Impreza, NASIOC, and even Craigslist or eBay! The following sites also do have information:,

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