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How much does a f1 car cost?

f1 car cost

How much does a f1 car cost?
I know you may be wondering how much f1 car cost to own one of those cool f1 cars. You are not alone with such thought; you are just like many F1 fans and me too. We want to own a car as the soccer fans do with a couple of footballs and boots in their homes to show loyalty to the game. But wake up guys! We are following a costly sport because the cost of an f1 isn’t about the car alone, but what comes with it.

So, how much does it cost?
Unlike the regular automobile, formula one is world’s fastest car racing sport. They are built and designed for speed to perform at formula one car racing events. The average cost of f1 cars is determined by what goes into it. Regarding the actual cost of an f1 car, I would say it’s difficult to say, but we can use available data to determine the value and may just be a plus or minus to be accurate.

f1 car cost

What determines the cost of an f1 car?
This sports bid car is designed to participate in a keenly contested f1 racing competition, and because of the hazards involved, each vehicle is fitted with materials to withstand the high impact in case of a crash. Therefore, what determines the cost eventually is summed into three main parts:

1. Material: This includes items needed to enhance the car’s performance and safety. It consists of the and rear wing, tires, engine, fuel tank, steering, gearbox, carbon fiber, undertray, the computers, to the driver seat, the exhaust, etc., all these put together with power and performance could cost a lot.

2. Manufacturing. F1 cars are not ready made; they are made from scratch when you need one. Imagine what it would cost you to build a custom-made vehicle from an automobile factory, and because every F1 car is custom made, the cost is enormous and varies according to manufacturers.

3. Research. Research and testing takes a lot of time and involves lots of high profile skills which cost a fortune to put together and manage.

f1 car cost

Now, let's thinking together.
If you consider what goes into an average f1 car, the cheapest would be around 5 million dollars, and with more power and safety, the most expensive f1 vehicle can go up to $16 million.

Note: the cost above does not include administrative, maintenance and team building. When you add those, we should be looking at $90 million (cheapest) to 300 million (most expensive), annually.

How you can get f1 car to buy?
Don’t let the cost of putting it all together scare you away from your dream. I know how it feels to want something badly and it’s looking hard to get. But don’t worry; you can head to auctions to buy. 

In 2017, Michael Schumacher Ferrari F1 car was sold for all high value of $7.5million at motorsport auctions; imagine what it costs to put together as new.

Here is a list of car sports auctions you may wish to check out about f1 car auctions: Gordon Brothers, memento exclusives, and Road & Track.

f1 cars cost

F1 car racing sport isn’t for the cheap, it takes real belief in the hobby to pursue, and the investment is not for the lame minded, but if your dream is to be among the top shakers of our world, it’s a desire worth following.

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