He knows everything about safety, and you don't!

Laurent Mekis
Laurent Mekis

Who is  Laurent Mekis? Why does he need a Ferrari F1 Team?
The Ferrari F1 team announced a new employer. I haven't information about new position, but the name of the new Ferrari F1 team's member is known very well among the members of the FIA Laurent Mekis "was never out of work". That phrase was following his F1's career many times.

In 2001 Mekis joined Minardi and left there when in 2006, the team from Faenza was transformed into Toro Rosso, rising to the position of chief race engineer. 
Race engineer. Actually, I will be very glad if Lauren shares with us his success life story. I'm being modest. I would be glad if he shared his success life story, if not for one thing. He is coming back to F1 again. For why?

In 2014, the Frenchman took the post of Director of security, and in 2016-m replaced Herbie Blas Islands as Deputy race Director Charlie Whiting. 

I remember Laurent Mekis in Toro Rosso F1 Team. He did interview many times for a weekend. He was always on the safety' side and has actively supported Charlie Whiting. Constant statistics, full security control. Everything (safety statistics) was in Mekis' hands. However, it was when he was a part of Toro Rosso's safety. After all, he taken a high position in the FIA! But, for now he is coming back to the F1 team. The last hasn't so good time at the moment.

Why Ferrari F1 team did choose  a specialist in the field of safety? Ferrari' F1 cars do not suffer by the painful "breaks" or "stops". Laurent is needed by McLaren's team more, but that's a different story. Back to the question.

1th. Assumption. Relationships and FIA's career is not as would like to be, but it'd excluded. Who's leaving the FIA? By the way, Lauren didn't commented news. 
2th. Assumption. The Ferrari F1 team making progress. Security policy calls to use Halo F1 device. And what if Ferrari F1 team just changes? What if the team is going in the right direction of progress? We just don't have enough information. 

His first work day will start September 20. What if the rumor about Ferrari in Indycar is not just a rumor?

Taisiya Lavi

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