Ferrari F1 team. That’s what we want.

Ferrari F1 team
Ferrari F1 team social Media photo

Ferrari F1 team’s future is clearly under threat. Sergio Marchionne has repeatedly told that F1 team isn’t ready for unjustified sacrifices in order to stay in Formula 1 championship.
To be honest, I don’t know all the subtleties of the problem. I think it’s known only by Ferrari F1 boss. One thing is absolutely clear and accurate: since our new power in face of Chase Carey and Liberty Media Corporation has been having much more powerful potential,

How can we refuse (even I can’t pick up words)…

How can we imagine F1 championship without Ferrari team?

We have been in dialogue with Liberty Media and I’m hopeful we will find a way and go forward by the end of this year. If it doesn’t you will hear about it! Sergio Marchionne, Ferrari F1 boss (by
Meanwhile, leaderships even don’t try to hide it.

Am I afraid to see Mercedes or Ferrari leave? That’s their choice…

What is sure, we don’t want anybody to leave. But of course Ferrari is one of the iconic brands. It’s a company, a team, which has been participating in every single Formula 1 championship since its creation. FIA President Jean Todt (by

Moreover, it’s not just about “some team.” This is a team with a worldwide reputation with a billion crowd of fans! You know what? We get news that the girls will be replaced by children, that there will be new rules. Moreover, we are even trying to talk about budget limitations. Willy-nilly, I have the impression that all this news is just Eyewash. It is foolish to argue with the rules that are already there ин Liberty Media. However, chase Carey continues to smile sweetly while we hope for the best, but I’m sure it weren’t be the same with Bernie Ecclestone rules.
Now, ask yourself: does it really matter compared to that fact, that Ferrari F1 team may not be a part of F1 racing? So do whatever you want, but we need Ferrari F1 team! Doesn’t matter my words sound loud, but dear friends,we have different evidence that F1 Ferrari team is obliged to be in Formula 1 racing.

1. We will lose the status. Ferrari F1 team is part of it.

Ferrari F1 team is one of the most popular teams in the Formula 1 history since the 1947s. Over the years, the team has become synonymous with F1 racing. Not just a team, it’s a real part of Formula 1. I think if we lose Ferrari F1 team, then a part of the special uniqueness of all F1 will be lost too. It’s not that F1 will lose its status, but popularity must be sacrificed. Just, do ask to any fan of Motorsport, even just a spectator about what is associated with F1 racing, and his answer will be unambiguous – “Ferrari”. So, do what you want, but we need Ferrari F1 team!

2. We will lose people. Ferrari F1 fans.

You can be doubted as much as necessary need, and doing to convince me Ferrari F1 fan will be rooting for the other team, and I’ll tell you my resolutely NOT. Millions of team fans were rooting not for one or two years; 10s of years, people did rejoice and grieve together with Ferrari F1 team. There is a way of life to many of them. Don’t believe? Do ask any fan club’s team! Anyway? Then take a look at their meetings! Do you think they still have being F1 fans after Ferrari F1 team leaving ? No. They are so loyal people that Ferrari just take them together far away from F1 racing. So, do what you want, but we need Ferrari F1 team!

3. Liberty Media will lose money.

Though it sounds not so serious, but merchandise and Ferrari F1 souvenirs brings real income. Whatever the new one is…or the one who will replace team wont bring same income. Many people have Ferrari F1 souvenirs. There are prestigious, fashionable, stylish. There’s something about it. I don’t think there is will be possible to find someone as legendary for replace Ferrari F1 Team. Otherwise, it wont be a sport or race, there will be a circus-like atmosphere.

4. We will lose Monza

Autodromo Nazionale di Monza will lose it’s beauty. What is F1 Italy GP without fans? Yes, we will have fans of other F1 teams. However, the seats will be empty, the sounds not be so loud and the faces wouldn’t be so happy, we will lose the atmosphere and spirit of Italian GP. Sergio Marchionne is known about this very good.

5. We will lose F1 teams’ trust.

Do say it’s not true and it’s impossible. How dare people don’t watch Formula 1 racing? Of course no one will turn their backs, but the Motorsport Queen will stop being the Queen. Why? There’s only one reason. If so much reputable championship might refuse no less authoritative team, than arises a question: “Is F1 championship so prestigious?Where is the guarantees we will not loose Mercedes F1 team or Williams team for tomorrow? Who can guarantee that? Being so unpredictable Queen of Motorsport will be no longer F1 racing, because Ferrari will be fine without F1, and what about F1 without Ferrari? That’s a big question.
Do you need more reasons? I guess not. You know, I can be reproached for hypocrisy, but I’ll tell you. Ferrari F1 team worthy indulgences: so big a such concessions. How so? Why? They deserve it. They are heroes and they deserve to people do adapting to them as first.
Whether you like or not the new Formula 1 rules and what’s happening in the world of Motorsport, but for all of us without exception (especially for those who don’t fetter by obligations to be tolerance in words) for all of us has come the time to agree with Red Bull chief Christian Horner:
Ferrari and Formula 1 are synonymous – but they both need each other…