Ex customers of Bernie Ecclestone are new fans for Chase Carey

Mar 21, 2018 Taisiya Lavi
Formula 1
 Formula 1 
Not so long time ago one of my readers asked me: "Is it easy to be an adult with child kindness?"What I'm getting at? Motorsport is beautiful, has a special spirit, own rules, atmosphere. Formula 1 does fascinate by beauty. In the moment, when starting lights go out it seems that a miracle happens.
However, there are happening situations, (as on other sports) which not just spoil the impression, but leave unpleasant feels. This is unpleasant because of any audience (fans) is an indissoluble part of any sport. Don't you believe? Look closer to Italian F1 Grand Prix, and you'll understand everything. Any fan always wants to be heard, seen, to pay attention, and be listened to. Recently, Bernie Ecclestone called Formula 1 fans as customers.

"The fans? I don't know who fans are,"
"Liberty, all they want to talk about is fans... I used to call them customers." - Bernie Ecclestone
You can say as much as you liked to say "he is arrogant, wasn't interested in poor Formula 1 fans, whom didn't have a million dollars behind". Anyway, F1 fans were listened to and heard, when Mr. Ecclestone was the main person of Formula 1. For now, the same characters 'Liberty Media" have been flashing every day. What is in fact? Yes, let it flash always! But, why do you hear only yourself and those who have these same millions of dollars behind? Why am I saying that?
Formula 1
Formula 1

We are moving away from Formula 1 racing traditions firmly and purposefully. I read the interview with Ross Brawn. It seems he happy with doing. Even don't want to ask "By what does he guided when he made loud statements?"...After the loudest story with Grid Girls, we will see a new starting grid. (You can read the original interview). Ross Brawn does propose to return to 60s, and the starting line will be by 3-2-3, 4-3-4 principle.

No, of course, changes in Formula 1 are good, but only with one condition, when there is got something for replacing. Attention! No copyrighting, real changes! Where? Logo - was, grid kids - were in football. 

So, is it easy to be an adult with child kindness? Especially when Formula 1 fans hadn't been heard as hadn't been listened to.
You know, what's the most thing leaving an unpleasant feel? "Everything is for F1 fans" words.
"We are focused on doing what is right for the fans." - said Formula 1 commercial boss Sean Bratches
Formula 1
Formula 1

For the popularity, hype, money. Yes-yes for everything else, but not for F1 fans! And you know why?
* Until you do accept that with Bernie Ecclestone was a golden era of F1 racing; 
* Until you don't stop to count the money in mind (that you will get by F1 live stream on your new special channels) until you stop thinking about those who have millions of dollars behind;
* Until you will be going crazy and fire grid girls, because businessman's girlfriend or wife becomes envy. 
Until this time, all your changes are doomed. 
What is the solution? 

Formula 1
Formula 1

Well, go down to ordinary fans! 
Yes, that one, whom sitting at the green area, and do ask "What do you want?"" What do you think?" 
Believe me, you will learn so much news, that historical books about F1 60's will not need to open, That's all!