Aliens. Sports cars in Russia

Taisiya Lavi 1:00 PM
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Is it UFO or is it sports car?
My friend asked recently this question, when had seeing this photo.

"This photo"
He doesn't inspired by sports cars, but have seen those a considerable amount. I showed this photo to other friends. You wont believe in it, but theirs reaction was the same "Is it UFO or is it sports car?".
Why is sport car looks like an alien in Russia?
How many sports cars can be seen on Moscow's streets and what kind of reaction do sports cars causing? 
All that you wanted to ask , but didn't dare so long.

1. Sports cars in Moscow.
You can be found even Bugatti on Moscow streets as Audi A8 to, but you wont see here sports iron horses like WRC cars or DTM sports cars. Perhaps, only on holidays, or at special events.

2. How many sports cars?
There is more than 70 Ferrari, 2 Bugatti, 30 others sports cars in Moscow on according to unofficial sources. However, nobody knows the real number of sports cars. Many cars are distilled from Europe, which are unregistered, but simply decorate the Parking lot.
Anyway, almost every street in the center of Moscow you will see sports "Alien".

3. For why so many sports cars?
To have a prestigious, muscular and most importantly expensive car - is like a marry to woman for 3 times younger than you. Yes-Yes, men will understand me perfectly. It means to get status, prestige, success and popularity among friends.

However, I have quite another theory.  The number of accidents involving sports cars increases year by year. The reason didn't changed. People hadn't coped with management of muscle car.  How to part with such a beauty? Of course – to get a new one. By the way,  we have almost 7000 accidents involving these "aliens" for last year according to unofficial information.

4. Why "Aliens"?
I think sports car is a masterpiece. Not everyone can manage such a masterpiece.  I believe that driving to sports car should be a person who has all  skills and knowledge. Mattias Ekström, Lewis Hamilton for example. You know what I'm talking about the racers, but  for all another sports car is a Alien. There are my reasons to you:

As the first:  sports car is like a piece of art. Look at these creations, it's not your flabby BMW that'll endure everything, no. Such car needs a special approach, and most importantly – understanding.

As the second: every creation needs its own nature. The nature of sports cars is speed. Therefore, such a car can and must to stand in a private Parking lot, but the sound of its motor must be heard on the territory of the racetrack or those streets where it is possible and permitted. 

Do agree, here is the car looks much more harmonious than in traffic at Moscow Ring Road. Don't you?

5. Special conditions for sports car.
It turns out that a sports car needs a good road, and still needed an experienced driver and a best racer is more good. So, there's no point in wasting money and showing off in front of your friends with your car like you married a girl for three times younger, than you. 

 Get up, go to driving courses, take a sports license, an do understand and appreciate the work by engineers. Only after that, do open the door of sports car and fasten seat belts with all pleasure. Till this moment sports car still has being an "Alien". Especially is in Moscow .
How do you feel about the sports cars outside of the race track?
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