2018 F1 pre - season testing days. Let's do without bets!

Taisiya Lavi March 06, 2018

Recently, many people have been asking me who will be faster on F1 2018 pre-season testing days. Now, even I've got wonder how is it possible to determine a real power by F1 2018 pre-season tests? Let's say yes. Finally, you can bring the iron horse for a running, and try to feel the F1 car's speed at freedom. That's a great chance to understand new horses in the deal, but how you could measure the success and power of the F1 car? I mean, how do you determine who is faster?

Don't have time to start f1 2018 tests, as most "experts" began to talking very loud words about most faster F1 drivers, which car is better (by speed), even we could see live timing now. I will be honest. I feel its wrong way when people starting to stare at rookies by TV camera as a magnifying glass, start to discuss, even to take a bet! This is wrong, cause new F1 drivers just came to Formula 1 like a child did first steps, let them get used to this.

I don't like reporters placed great hopes on Russian drivers; Nikita Mazepin and Sergey Sirotkin are among them. It's not that I don't believe in. The reason is that you always need some kind of time to get used to Formula 1 racing, and journalists just don't give it. That's why we are beginning to expect to the high performance of them. It's my opinion, and I think it's a really wrong way.

As well as journalists begin to wait for the miracle from those who have long win dreamed. There is incredible attention focused on Ferrari F1 Team and McLaren F1 Team, and everyone's waiting for something. Sometimes it seems to me that journalists expect progressive results even more than the bosses in 2018 F1 pre-season testing days. Of course, that kind of publicity is always good, but let them get used to the new car. Let's do without bets. After all, every new season - like the zero kilometers borderline, everything starts from the beginning.

2018 F1 pre-season tests seemed to me(to me personally) new sports car's test drive. You take a seat behind the new wheel, you feel a new car forms, you've got sniffing and listening to everything ( I think many drivel will agree with me at this point). However, it's just a test drive; nothing more or less. Let's wont to make hasty bets with predictions who win this F1 2018 season.
You probably have a question 'Why? ', 'How is so?'. Let's put it in order. Here are my 5 reasons to don't believe 2018 F1 pre-season tests' places.

No 1. Racetrack. We see driving in Barcelona circuit only, but what about that isn't only one country in our F1 season 2018? Many F1 teams are able to show good results. Let's remember that each circuit is unique with turns, angles of overtaking, asphalt's differences.

No 2. Weather conditions. Despite the fact that Barcelona still had snow, we couldn't see all weather conditions in Spain only. The reason is different pressure of other racetracks, air temperature, race temperature. There are all as well different as different times of races.

No 3. Traffic. Of course, you can argue for a very long time. However, you will agree about any traffic in live time as well as queues on Pit Stops.

No 4. Formula 1 is Formula 1 racing, but every year it's new: new cars, new rules, all over again. None of the drivers won't get used to and won't understand F1 car until the end, until passing a large number of laps. Although, this rule doesn't work always. Sometimes F1 fast cars could have unpredictable behavior (that still proves my theory).

No 5. Atmosphere and pressure. I talked about journalists on the 2018 F1 pre-season testing days do create an unnecessary fuss with all these interviews. However, no one and nothing can compare with the real pressure on the racetrack. The real pressure begins only there with journalists and the press.

Everyone wants to know who will be a leader and who dominates. Who will be the first, everyone wants to know the future to place bets, the right bets. Let's do without the bets. Perhaps, everyone just missing Formula 1 so much.

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