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VJM11 by Sahara Force India F1. Pink trend.

Sahara Force India F1

Sahara Force India F1 launched a new  F1 2018 season car. VJM11 welcome!
To be honest, the image of new look doesn't fit to be fashion. Does VJM11 looks good? Yes. Does it look stylish? You know, it's like clothes from fashion shows, all right, but in moderation.
This is precisely the case when there is too much pink. By the way, pink coats are in fashion now, but when pink is too much it turns into some cotton candy.

Sahara Force India F1

Likewise with the pink color of Sahara Force India F1. No matter how much I was looking to new car, with this color I want to do something, whether I want it to be brighter, or quite the opposite. To be honest, I'd thinking that Sahara Force India F1 team will refuse to pink this year. I think a lot of people would agree with me. Stylish, fashionable, even so, but where is the golden middle?

Sahara Force India F1

In defense of pink color, I want to say that car will be looking very good, more stylish then others. All the recognition and nomination of the most beautiful will be by Sahara Force India VJM11 at night races. 

Sahara Force India F1

By the other side, no matter what color it is, the most important thing is the result. 
Team Principal Vijay Mallya said:
I see no reason why we cannot consolidate our position and improve. Yes, Formula One is a very tough and competitive environment, but we are an established team with continuity in all areas of the company.
We don't take anything for granted, but we will be disappointed if we are not fighting for points at every race this year.
Sahara Force India F1

Very soon we will known about it in Barcelona. Anyway, I'll talk about work of Sahara Force India F1 designers. That's why I'd been created a certain impression that everything was done in haste. View the car from the first glance it seems crude. There is no one of refinement, as it is at Alfa Romeo C37 by Sauber F1

Despite the fact that there is still time, let the new Sahara Force India F1 VJM11  will be our highlight in the color palette of the peleton.

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