Mclaren new MCL33 look, our stylish nerd.

Mclaren new MCL33
Mclaren F1 team showed new orange livery before the first pre-season test at Barcelona.

The time for presentation was chosen very appropriate, because of the fans are not accustomed to the new colors of McLaren's MCL33. There are no black bars like were at last year.
Why it is a nerd?
That was the first compared by the fans of the new McLaren's MCL33. Because the color reminds of the good old school pens.

By the other side of question, it is not so important, and even justifiely. Who else could be named such a diligent and obedient disciple in Formula 1?

This is that moment when everyone is expecting something from you, and people really expecting, expecting new wins and big prizes. Meanwhile, McLaren F1 team is trying and continuously working on it. If the results we would see only on the track, we just have to pay attention to the appearance of the new MCL33. There is something to see here.

At first: Mclaren's car is very similar of McLaren-branded Andretti's car in the Indianapolis 500 last year. This fact was noticed very well by

As the second: new Mclaren resembles Renault F1's car, and I think it's by 2007 year. Anyway, all of there are technical sides of the issue.

Our nerd guy McLaren's MCL33 is an excellent student, dressed in impressive orange colors, and the highlight of the look - are expensive purple stripes. He is so filled with desire to join in battle at the racetrack, and do showing A - marks on: speed, reliability, maneuverability, as usually nerd did .

The only one thing that doesn't looking good - is a Halo F1 device. There is no such natural looking. Let's be honestly, Halo looks rude. Although, in general, is our MCL33 didn't deserve to pass the Formula 1 2018 season's exam on top?

Taisiya Lavi

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