Man in black. Haas F1 Car ready to deal with Formula 1

Haas F1 team launched
Haas VF-18
"Bigger. Better. Faster. Lighter". Haas F1 team launched the 2018 car by these words.
It happened very quickly and unpredictably. Haas F1 team's surprise is successfully done! 
New VF-18 looks like a gallant man in black. I wouldn't write about technical characteristics, because Haas F1 team provided information, a lot of these on other sites and other sources.
I find it very difficult - to judge about VF-18 capacity without a racetrack.  We just have to enjoy of Haas F1 car's charm. After all the first F1 test will detect the power of the elegant Haas VF-18. By the way, the test schedule is here.

A stylish black jacket is wrapping around the smooth curves of the new VF-18. The sparkling white stripe does subtly hints at the modern of F1 car with all those shapes and standards.
All of these are perfectly complemented by the crimson tie on the "face". I think drivers will appreciate the virtues of this handsome man. 

Where's the Halo? That was my first question when I saw VF-18 . Halo F1 device system - it is a stain in the piece of art. I can't find words to describe the invention. Is it the reason why Halo had merging by the background of the photos. Isn't Haas F1 decided to be first, because of this reason? 

Haas F1 team launched
Haas VF-18

Very soon we will see the handsome man from Williams F1 and appreciate his look. Who knows, maybe there designers will transform the disadvantage into advantage. After all, we all care about safety. 

Taisiya Lavi

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