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I can change…..Who owns Liberty Media Corporation?

Chase Carey F1

So soon we will see new cars, it will be new Formula 1 championship. We will see a new device Halo system protection, our F1's calendar will be a little bit “fatty”, and behind all of these will be a new logo F1. Will it good or bad?
This question sometimes I’ve been asking myself, and begin to remember Brandon Flowers’ song “I can change”
And if you're looking for change
I'll be what you're looking for 
Even if it's not who I am
I can change 
I can change for you...

Brandon Flowers was ready to changing for someone. For whom Liberty Media Corporation doing all these changes? What would Bernie Ecclestone say about it? He isn’t a part of Motor sport, he is the Motor sport. Bernie Ecclestone living by Formula one sports racing. The king of Formula one did unbelievable job. Seriously I have no one word to describe his work!
People from around the world know about Formula One.
We took new racing tracks Russian Sochi Autodrome, Azerbaijan GP Baku City Circuit. He’d begin to being face of F1 for Russian people (all people).

I can slip
I can slide
I can run
I can hide
Place the trail through the drive of rain
I can change for you..

Unfortunately he is not only one, who ‘loves’ F1 racing as much. 23.01.2017 we had known that Bernie Ecclestone isn’t a face of Formula one anymore. Perhaps it happened earlier, but it doesn’t matter for now. 
Liberty Media Corporation is new ‘direction’ of costs price racing. Who owns Liberty Media Corporation? 

Liberty Media Corporation

Liberty Media Corporation is an American mass media company controlled by chairman John C. Malone, who owns a majority of the voting shares.  More than 3,500 employers. Look at this face. Chase Carey. 

Chase Carey.

Well, give me the answer for now. How you think, what kind of direction they choose? It seems that something wrong with new collaboration. Where is the mistake? How 3,500 people with Chase Carey couldn’t be able to do something better, than Bernie Eccelstone?

I'll be what you're looking for
Even if it's not who I am
When you're out of luck
I'll be what you're looking for
Even if it's not who I am
I can change...

It was the same, seemed that Formula One was a child of stern parent Bernie Ecclestone. He had done a good education and upbringing for this kind of motor sport. Mr. Ecclestone gave everything that needed F1 and for that time, when it was so necessary. He had a good direction for all ways of Motorsport’s development.

F1 Calendar 2011
F1 Calendar 2011

Our Formula One’ schedule was looking more “slimmer”, our clocks changed, because all world racing time; we had night race – Abu-Dhabi GP. Thanks to Yas Marina Circuit, since 2009 year we’v been knew one of better race of F1’ calendar. We had beauty grid girls, and all F1 racing was so much beautiful at all point.

Yas Marina Circuit

Who owns Liberty Media Corporation? What kind of direction we have? Not so long time after a new “parents” for Formula One, we saw strange changes. Perhaps, for now it seems so strange (time will shows). It doesn’t matter for why we need new changes, it’s more important how these will affect to fans, drivers? Moreover, it was been done! F1 drivers know about new regalement of racing. For now, someone could do everything, meanwhile other driver can’t . Do you remember that story at Singapore GP ? What would Bernie Eclstone say?

When your time runs out
And you don't where to stand
I'll step from the shadow
I'm not your kind
And if you're looking for change
I'll be what you're looking for..

What about F1 halo device system protection? Seems that George Russel is only one driver, who likes this.Safety of Halo system will be everywhere, but for Indycar it looking more good. 

Indycar safety
Safety? OK, but it looks like…..good reins for horse’s clamp.

F1 Halo

Safety changes will be (perhaps) safe at F1 racing, but let’s be truly! Formula One’s drivers had chosen theirs ways of sport. Drivers are braves guys, that’s why fans love them. Women love them, because they are valiant. Am I wrong?
If we can forget (for some time) about Halo F1 system, we can’t forget about new logo F1. 23 years we’ve been racing with one logo, wait a minute – 23! The latest GP of F1 2017 season wasn’t ended, but we saw a new logo. For why? It’s been done for new technologies system – well I didn’t understand for why, because it’s not a reason.

I can change
I can change for you
I can change
I can change for you...

What do you think about Mexico GP? I’ll try to not comment this situation, but give me the answer. What is the same with F1 GP and celebration in Mexico at that day? ( Day of Death) Seriously! Do you know what it means? Perhaps all owners of Liberty Media had no Idea. OK, wikipedia

Day of Death celebration

Fernando Alonso was at Indy500. What would Bernie Eсclestone say? How do you think? I’m respect Zak Brown opinion, and understand Fernando Alonso’s ambitions. It's all the same to me how he takes his goals. It’s not my busy, if Mr. Alonso wants, he could fly to the space, but what about safety? As a first, who allowed to F1 driver going to other racing championship? WEC calendar ) has changed for Alonso. Of course we are worry about him! Sorry, but it’s not safe, moreover not by big Motorsport’s plan!

Christian Horner and Bernie Ecclestone

I’m respecting Christian Horner very much. Rightly, why? This one of all directors knows the line behind money and racing, it’s an old school of motor sport. If Christian Horner was a manager of Fernando Alonso, his career was another, wouldn’t you agree? That is why Mr. Horner isn’t Fernando Alonso’s manager or director.

I can bend
I can break
I can shift
I can shake
Place the trail through the drive of rain
I can change for you...

I don’t care about other bloggers' thoughts - how, and for why Liberty Media Corporation bought F1?  I have one thing that can’t understand – our direction (our course). We had East heading, when was Bernie Ecclestone, and West for now. Who owns Liberty Media Corporation? After some time all racing rules would be the same with Indycar.

Sochi GP

Bernie Eclstone had known Asia – is the progress of Motorsport’s world. Did he know what is right? I don’t think so, he felt it. That’s why we fallen in love to Abu-Dhabi, Japan, Russian GP. That’s why night race is the brilliant for us, like Italian GP.

China GP, Japan, United Arab Emirates, what is the matter? Let’s remember all those fans in Suzuka GP, all that atmosphere.

Suzuka child fan

If we can change direction, we can’t change the politic. For now children will be working as adults, and Grid Girls will be watching F1 GP on TV only watching. Do you know how is hard the work at F1 race tracks for grid girls? Who owns Liberty Media Corporation? About what they’d been thinking, when we see new rules? 3,500 people! What would Bernie Ecclestone say? 

I can change
I can change for you
I can change
I can change for you...

For why all these changes? Who can give the answer. I tried to find it everywhere, but no one good reason. Formula One fans couldn’t understand all these owners liberty Media Corporation. Well, I get one good idea. What if all these changes for destroying everything, that Bernie Ecclestone did? What if tradition – is not reason of new rules? Perhaps, we do all races more easy, and it will be better to own F1. What if this whole thing is an attempt to prove its worth? Unfortunately for Liberty Media Corporation, the Queen of Motor sport (F1) knows its owner. 
Bernie Ecclestone

Let’s talk about traditions! There were traditions of one big world of Motorsport. It was a direction, good plan for development and partnerships, big politic. Traditions were ended, same was with grid girls, with new logo F1. Well, let’s find the answer for one last question. What would you do, if Yours traditions with halo f1 system protection, grid kids, logo would ended? What would you do, if all of these became the past? What if it happens tomorrow? Your spectators, F1 fans want to see a beauty, not a copy. What would you do?

Formua 1

Would you change everything again? Would it be a coupe instead Halo, men instead kids and girls, and flag instead the F1 logo? Wouldn’t?

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