How Grid girls didn’t share the pit lane with the beauties of Formula One?


F1 grid girls
F1 Grid Girls
I have been waiting a long time to write this post.
It was interesting to hear what men and women think about new traditions in Formula 1, because grid girls are now in the old, literally in past of motorsport. This topic is very controversial: every right in its own way. How did the grid girls in Formula 1 not share the pit lane and why is there no place for other beauties besides cars?

I think they could have looked at ways of bringing the role more into line with modern times instead of scrapping it entirely,They could have looked at making it more equal between the sexes in the role. Claire Williams 


F1 grid girls
F1 Grid Girls


The concept of “beauty” in Formula 1. 

Formula 1 Grand Prix events in every country are a good example of high standards of quality: whether it is about the hospitality of racing fans or safety. We get used to pretty faces from Sky Sports, but we will never see dirty cars or garbage on race tracks, etc. So when we see a picture of Formula 1 racing on television, that image has to be beautiful on either side of the grid. But in one moment something went wrong: Formula One’s grid girls became associations with something “dirty” and disgusting.


Grid girls have always belonged in F1, and they should continue to belong in F1.  Niki Lauda 


What’s wrong with F1 grid girls?

Let’s try find out together: working in Formula 1 as a grid girl all day long is hard work: high heels, uncomfortable clothes, lots of people and the need to always smile.
Girls come from modeling agencies, through special competitions. There are some gains, like being among F1 direction, drivers and taking good photos for social media.


You should be allowed to have grid girls because the drivers like them, the audience like them and no one cares. These girls were… part of the spectacle.I can’t see how a good-looking girl standing with a driver and a number in front of a Formula One car can be offensive to anybody.  Bernie Ecclestone

At first glance, Clare Williams seems to be the main defender on this issue. She also criticises the job of the “F1 Grid Girls” and compares successful women in motorsport. In general, the main argument is the vulgar attitude, which is seen as worthless and “dirty” for Formula One with high quality standards.

Let’s take the successful women in the sport and make role models out of them to inspire others…Claire Williams

To criticize the people because of job is indecent.
Claire Williams can afford it, because she is successful woman in Motorsport. Also she had all those opportunities from young. While grid girls are common women with pretty faces. Someone of them have no passion to Formula 1, but someone is really have. Unfortunately not every woman has enough money, family bonds for being the part of Formula 1 as Claire Williams has. If the problem in the indecent clothes, then it could be changing. In contrast all these words like jeer from successful women in Motorsport.


They’d be falling over themselves. Formula 1 would love to see a woman.If we had a women, the viewing numbers would go up.Commercially a female driver would be hugely successful with make-up, clothing, all the cosmetics and fashion brands.For whatever reason, young women are not going to karting tracks.That’s what all the boys do. Jackie Stewart

F1 grid girls
F1 Grid Girls

F1 grid girls vs F1’s beauties.

Talking about beautiful: I mean cars. Because it looks like nobody can eclipse Formula 1 cars, but grid girls distract people and take attention away from. All complaints about appearance and clothes can be solved by other modest clothes. It is possible that someone is afraid that another cute F1 grid girl will distract the mind of Toto Wolff or any other main person, but these are only guesses.

The end of old tradition or unemployment. 

We lose the part of the Formula 1 tradition If you look at the job of the “grid girls” as in old tradition. Unfortunately, women do not have enough power to be in the same place as men. In the meantime, everything will fall into place if we look at grid girls and keep something “disgusting” in mind. As I said at the beginning, I was waiting for all comments from women and men for to take a full picture of this problem. But, as I see now, it just depends on our minds. No one can persuade the other if both have differ view on the same picture.

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