Game Over For Grid Girls: Here is What You Need to Know

Grid Girls

Formula 1 fans get ready to see a major change on the sidelines. Just like every other sport, Formula 1 keeps on evolving and new rules are coming up every day. In the latest move, Formula 1 has removed the grid girls you are used to on the sidelines and are now replacing them with grid kids
Quite obvious these kids are children who are already in the junior category of this sports and are usually selected by local motor racing authorities.
According to the organization, these children will be chosen based on merit or lottery form youth organizations. What makes this a unique experience for these kids is that they will get an opportunity to stand alongside professional drivers at every Formula 1 race. But that's not all; they will also have an incredible opportunity to race in lower tiers of the competition whenever possible.
Just like expected; the decision by the organization, which has FederationInternationale de l'Automobile as their partner has infuriated grid girls which hitherto, has been the one on the sidelines as well as during the presentation of awards.
When Will This New Rule Kick-Off?
It is expected that the first set of grid kids you will see on the sidelines of Formula 1 competition will be next month. This new rule will kick off during Formula 1 season with the Australian Grand Prix next month.
Reactions This New Rule
According to Jean Todt, FIA president, this decision was made to give every youngster which dream is to compete in this sport one day an incredible opportunity to come closer to achieving that dream. This new rule will give grid kids an opportunity to stand alongside their heroes on the grid in the build-up to the race start.
The president admitted that the change will be a major blow to grid girls who have done this task over the years. However, it was a necessary change to usher in a new era where junior racers will be chosen to learn directly from their heroes. While admitting that the grid girls are major fans of the sports, President Jean Todt admitted it will be more beneficial to give these aspiring racers an opportunity of a lifetime which will transform them into professional racers in the future and ensure that the sport never lacks talents in the future.
There may also be another reason for this new rule. According to Formula One
the use of female models is at odds with the modern day societal norms. It is therefore no longer appropriate to make use of them and they are no longer relevant to the fans.
With huge potentials for growth in United States and conservative society like China, the organizers are eager to make the sports more fan-friendly and also make it more appealing to a younger demographic.
Grid Kids
Grid Kids

What Does Grid Kids Stand to Gain From This New Rule? A look at this new rule shows that the decision is indeed a right one, not just for Formula 1 but also for the kids. Some of the benefits these kids will enjoy include:
§ * These kids are already in the junior series of Formula 1, by following the professional racers closely, they will be able to learn directly from them.
§ *These kids will get to learn the rules of the game faster
§ *They will get to stand alongside their heroes
§ * There is no better way to motivate and inspire the kids than to have them stand alongside their heroes as they receive awards
§ *Since they are selected based on merits, it is indeed a great way to be a proud parent by seeing your kid selected as a grid kid.
§ *This the decision will ensure there will be younger talents to take over from the current professionals in the future.
§ *Seeing these kids on the sidelines give hope for the future of Formula 1
What Are the Cons?
These are not really disadvantages. Instead, there are a few upsides to having kids participate in the sidelines instead of using grid girls. For instance:
§ *Grid girls are better suited for the task as they are more experienced
§ *Kids may interfere with the competition
§ *Parents can push their kids too hard to become grid kid, when this happens, kids can lose interest completely in sports.
The rule to have grid kids take over from grid girls is a major opportunity for these kids. These will see kids with the passion to race in the future stand along with their heroes. They will also be inspired and get motivated as they stand with these heroes when they receive their awards. No doubt, Formula 1 has taken this decision in order to ensure there is no shortage of supply of talents in the future.

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