Ferrari F1 SF71H. Red color fashion trend

Ferrari F1 SF71H
Ferrari F1 SF71H

All the rules, there should be a male’s look, but Sebastian Vettel always call his Ferrari F1 car by a female’s name. That’s why Scuderia Ferrari new car was my exception. Let’s talk about what’s always fashionable.

Ferrari F1 Team launched the new SF71H.
The presentation gone at live timing. However, to see all the delights of the new beauty, wasn’t so easy. Anyway, the main thing that has bothered to all Formula 1 fans, it’s Halo F1 device system.

There wasn’t doubt that this element will on Ferrari F1 SF71H will appear as too much for motorsport car, but this way of thinking was wrong. Scuderia Ferrari, perhaps the only team that presented the not just a beautiful car, moreover it is difficult to say that SF71H is radically different from the F1 model of last year. Technical specifications will show the result on the racetrack. Therefore, we will explore the appearance.

Ferrari F1 SF71H
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New Ferrari F1 SF71 came out with the unique motorsport charm. She’s all in red, like a gorgeous woman in a red dress, she sparkles, she wins the hearts of Scuderia Ferrari fans. It also captivates our imaginations.

It’s about the work of the designers. They’ve been done a great job. Unique smooth curves, unique shapes of mirrors. However, the most important thing is the Halo F1 system. It fits as original in a way as creates the impression that the Halo F1 needs to be at this place.

It doesn’t interfere, does not spoil general appearance and impression. This hasn’t cumbersome design, as on new Williams F1 car . It is not as powerful as in Sauber Alfa- Romeo F1car . Everyone here is in place, that needs.

It looks very original and organic. Moreover, who did not speak about Ferrari F1 SF71, and Scuderia Ferrari designers tried very well. Nobody invented anything  (at least from foreign point of view), everything worked for perfect forms that already have on it.

And she’s beautiful in her red. Who knows how Sebastian Vettel will name his new car, one thing we know for sure – that is red will always be in fashion.