Circuit de Monaco.

Circuit de Monaco
Photo by  Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

Why do you have to go to Monaco Grand Prix?

On the eve of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix ticket sales' starts, I've again remembered the colorful stage of the Monte Carlo Rally. These marvelous colors, sparkling paints.

What is the beauty of Monaco? Why a lot of people strive to get there every year? Those who've been there at least for once, remembering it as brightly as their first love. What is special about Circuit de Monaco? Why do you want to go there, but you don't know why? I had to ask experts in the world of Motorsport, those who felt the atmosphere of the Monaco Grand Prix with numerous events, interesting people, moreover visited at the legendary track.

Zoran Zivkov, journalist and chief of "TopSpeed" magazine. He is regular guest at the Circuit de Monaco, but his first visit remembers as if it was yesterday.

My first F1 race in Monte Carlo was in 1997 (as journalist). I missed some because of the war in Serbia, but since 2001 I am a regular there, although this is not an event in which a journalist can lot of work to do, mainly hereby convene interviews for other races or do some interview with F1 legends or team bosses. Active F1 drivers are usually very busy on that weekend. The whole event has a special atmosphere (Côte d'Azur - the French Riviera, yachts, Casino, style, luxury brands, glamour).
Circuit de Monaco
Photo by Leonid Novozhilov, ""

Leonid Novozhilov, head of Russian F1 travel company "". You can see him among the celebrities at the Monaco Grand Prix.

It's like a drug. Bewitches. Attracts...To go along the trajectory of F1's racetrack — is the bare minimum necessary

1. Everyone could say about the atmosphere Monaco Grand Prix, but everyone describes this in its own way.

"What do you remember about Circuit de Monaco?" Ask about this to the drivers of different series of races, and they will say one thing – "atmosphere". Every person has different own thought about Grand Prix, a unique experience. Everyone has his memory and his emotion, but very bright. Why?

Circuit de Monaco
Photo by Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

It appeared on the original calendar in 1950 and has been a permanent fixture from 1955 to the present day. One of three major motorsports races - Monaco GP, 24 Hours Le Mans and Indy 500. Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

It is clear that it is not just about the track.

2. People are a part of the atmosphere of Monaco Grand Prix.
It became clear, people do these races. The atmosphere is filled with special people.

Circuit de Monaco
Photo by Srdjan Sulejmanovic- Suki EPA

Admit it, you want to get acquainted with whom you heard on BBC radio, who saw in movies or the one who is a part of the world of Formula 1.

Matteo Bonciani. You always saw him on TV, when first top's three drivers were finishing he accompanies them by the hand to the podium and then to a press conference. Leonid Novozhilov, ""

Dates, always the end of May, the second week of the Cannes film festival, so that means a lot of celebrities as guests  Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

2. Every part in Monaco - is a part of motorsport, which you want to touch.
I've never seen anything like it anywhere. However, there is everything is combined together. Every street, every tree, everything in Monaco is being at their places.

Circuit de Monaco
Photo by Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

You don't want something to be changed or reordered, when you're here, because it is filled with spirit, imbued with the passion and smell of sports cars. Admit it, do you feel pleasure, when holding the autograph of your favorite driver in hands?

Circuit de Monaco
Leonid Novozhilov, ""

What kind of emotions you can feel when touching Monaco Grand Prix's cups, which just had been in hands of the winner?! It seems unreal! Incredible! For a moment you can't believe, that it happens to you.
  Leonid Novozhilov, "".

Circuit de Monaco
Photo by Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

All of this connected together bit by bit to the big world of Motorsport.

The fantastic transformation from the racetrack to the street with cafes and vice-versa, because sometimes I think how could be able to clean and wash track so impressive that in the morning there is no any sign of the party, not even few confetti. Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

Circuit de Monaco
Photo by Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

4. To be at Circuit de Monaco - is to be a part of Formula 1.
You can say as much as you want that it is expensive, prestigious, glamorous but all of these have nothing to do with the fact, that Monaco is not just expensive, it is sporting. Circuit de Monaco is a small world of big Motorsport, expensive and not very much, it is a Kingdom of automobile's beauty in the past and in the future.

But the main impression is a fantastic organization, from first to very last moment of Grand Prix weekend. Fans are is somehow the closest track and then those same drivers can meet later in the city or some other celebrities Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

Circuit de Monaco
Photo by Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

That's why you want to be there. She, he, they, we'd all like to go there. I'm not going to advertise the Circuit de Monaco and do promote you to buy tickets, no. You can touch the world of Motorsport, by whose streets with the spirit of speed passes through. It could happen without great actions and big monetary expenses.

The city (in May) - is warm, beautiful (cold at night), fashionable, and at the same time there you can spend time without a lot of money.  Leonid Novozhilov, "".

If you are interested in how to do it, we will ask Leonid's secret in the next article. Should you go to Circuit de Monaco?

Circuit de Monaco
Photo by Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

A unique event in F1 calendar  Zoran Zivkov, "TopSpeed"

Taisiya Lavi

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