What makes a real man? What is heroism?

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Money? Beauty body? Fame? Not. 32 400 hours is a definition of a man.

Dakar race has a distance of more than 9,000 kilometers. There is 1,350 days; almost 4 years or 32, 400 hours.

Someone told, that 10,000 hours is enough for being a professional. If you want to be a musician - you need 10,000 hours of training. If you want to be a sportsman - you need 10,000 hours of workout. You can be whatever you want, only 10,000 hours. A real man will!

What can get done for 4 years?

It is possible to do an internship in another country,
possibly to save money and buy a sports car,
you can get another education, to pass the MBA course,
you can create a family, to destroy the family and create a new one.

You can buy apartments, sell an apartment and move to another city.

You can learn a new foreign language, you can forget the mother language ...
.....for 32,400 hours.
But there will not make you heroism examples.
A real man does wasting his hours time on things that he loves, for goals that he has.

What is heroism? Meanwhile, someone has been passing the MBA course, hero looking straight ahead, he passes obstacles.

Meanwhile, someone has been saving money and buy a sports car, he is doing his own sports car.

Someone has been creating a family - a real man creates his future, he destroys bad things and creates new dreams.

You've been learning a new foreign language - he talks with himself in his own language.

You and I know that glory ahead,

Motor racing news will be talking about you,

Motorsport video - all with you,

Motorsport song - all about you. Attention is ahead, money, a lot of money, many suggestions to create a family ahead, but now...... it doesn't matter.

Now, hero sitting behind the wheel, and take a look around the way, the way of his life.

He spent his 32,400 hours, he passing 9,000 kilometers - wasting the time on Dakar rally.

Taisiya Lavi

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