The sense of speed...

Motorsport art personal
 Motorsport art personal

What is the sense of speed?
How does the force feel? 
Is it cold, or hot?
What is it for you...for him...for her?

Whole world making round by force of people technologies.
Do you feel it, when the arrow of the speedometer has been dancing for 250 km/h?

What is the sense of speed?

Is it a jar of crackling branches behind the formidable Mercedes GLE in wild forest....or gear shift' sound of Formula One car's transmission in the rainy city?

What is the sense of speed?

Is it Monaco GP, or Monte Carlo Rally?
Is it the wheel of Pagani Zonda, or Ferrari Enzo?
Is it the roar of a motor or a squeal of brakes?

How does the force feel? 

Is it the yellow or red color?
Is it a Cinematic Orchestra piano sound or RCHP song?
Is it a Monster or a Red Bull energy?
Is it morning Formula One test or night stage WRC?
Is it he? Is it she? You?

The sense of speed in each other.

There is a passion, a rainbow, a light!
There is a breath: first breath, deep breath!
There is a summer, a winter, autumn, spring! It is everything!
It is you, me, he, she, they. We are all!
There is light, love, sport!
There is a motorsport!
The sense of each of us. The sense of you.

What it is..for you?

Taisiya Lavi

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