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Singapore Singapore, my beauty baby.

Singapore Singapore, my beauty baby. Your smooth curves, unpredictable angles, eyes shining lights.Why love to you so much?
What is something special in your beauty, Singapore?

We won't be thinking more and will take your airlines, we won't be talking any more about your area; we won't be seeing map Singaporeand who cares - is Singapore a country?

Singapore GP by Taisiya Lavrova

All that we knew we'd been forget, because all that we see - Singapore GPIt doesn't matter: it would be Singapore Grand Prix or Formula 1 . 

Your red and yellow colors fireworks.Your lack of freedom in the concrete walls of the city.
Your architecture in terms of the wheel - you're from another world, my beauty baby Singapore. You're so alive, when some one sleeping, you unbelievable and pretty.

So, you remember all that noise and all that sound at  Singapore Grand Prix.
Is the reason of motorsport, because you are pretty? Because of Formula One Singapore begins, you've been waking up, your people becomes alive.  Your beauty seems so wild and so pretty. We never know, what to are waiting.

 Oh Singapore my beauty baby. Your smooth curves, unpredictable angles and  shining lights. Oh  Singapore Singapore. Why missing you to much?  

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Taisiya Lavrova (creator)

I enjoy Autosport. Are you with me?

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