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How people change? Zak Brown does.

Zak Brown by Taisiya Lavrova art

Do people change? Of course they are, by the time, by the lifestyle and live situation to.
Why do people change? Every psychologist at all over the world would tell you the same: "human is changed, if wants to be more good for himself, or for somebody".

How people change?
What about Motorsport, about Formula One sport, when all that car world has been changing always: by people, F1 cars, F1 drivers, grid-girls and F1 direction too?

Can people change? They must, otherwise they couldn't take the goals, won't be the first.
Sometimes ago, we were say F1 directors name. Christian Horner, Ron Dennis, Flavio Briatore, Toto Wolff. For the last three years we had to hear about problems in Mclaren Honda F1. What we knew about Zak Brown at that time? Zak Brown car collection only. What we've been remember about that time? 

What's the key to success?
I'm doing business with these guys, and it's the same with the sponsorship – it's persistence that pays off," he says.

The key to success is relationships.
"F1 news Mclaren" was everywhere. We knew, that Honda F1 had problems. We were hear Zak Brown Racing only. That's all that we knew about this person. Although he changed: day by day, step by step. 

How people change? It happens in this way when has been changing motor sport cars, motors, when changing the weather, and F1 racetracks or GP moments.

Zak Brown, CEO of Chime Sports Management and F1’s pre-eminent sponsor finder, knew all strong and not so sides of Motorsport. He understood the price of relationships and relationships price in Motorsport.
“We have an industry that is exploding in cost and collectively between them, they are not able to gather and get those costs under control,”
“How it trickles down is because the teams have such a thirst for money, they need to get as much money as they can so F1 Management does an unbelievable job getting massive sanctioning fees. They in return then have to charge a disproportionate amount of money to the spectators....”

On 21 November 2016, Zak Brown was announced as the new executive director of McLaren Technology Group after Ron Dennis was forced out. Instead of directly replacing Dennis as CEO, Brown will report directly to the group's Executive Committee.

How people change? It happens in this way when has been changing motor sport cars, motors, when changing the weather, and F1 racetracks or GP moments
I’m learning all the time. Every new person I meet, I learn something from. The depth and breadth of experience within the McLaren Technology Centre are incredible.But, you know something, I’ve also learned something about myself. When I decided to take the McLaren job, I had a few other options. I’m not necessarily referring only to some of the high-profile positions I was linked with in the media - I considered other roles too. But my heart was always pulling me strongly towards McLaren. And, in the short time I’ve been here, I’m absolutely certain I made the right decision. Why? Because I’m a racer - racing is my life - and working for McLaren has made that even more crystal-clear to me than it was before. 

I told not only one time about Zak Brown and his methods to doing a business, but it was just ways of solutions. His own ways.  Maybe because I'm not so familiar with Mr Brown personally, but only after two years, I realized that these ways of motor sport business he doing by himself, and his best teacher is he.
My last question for him sounds like
What is the secret of your faith in yourself and in people?
 Secret is surrounding yourself with the best people. Empowering them. Supporting them and lots of hard work
Zak Brown (24/January/2018)

How people change?
For now we could see a real Zak Brown, not just a businessman or car collector. We know that he is more that just director, CEO or more, he just a part of big Motorsport, he is a Motorsport.
I didn't see Sky F1's Rachel Brookes, because I know the main thing - How people change?

Change yourself, be more....more good, best of yourself for today tomorrow. Do all your good things, do it better.Don't be scare to find yours ways of solutions After time you will see how all world changes behind you, but for real, changes happens with you only.

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