Cyber sport driver VS Street racing driver, motor sport driver.

Cyber sport racing F1
Cybersport racing F1

Who did play to Need for Speed? Gran Turismo (for PS)? I noticed a very interesting feature. You would try to play to the game on PS with a  street racer, and you will be surprised. However, given him the wheel of a sports car, and you will be surprised more.
The professionalism of motorsport, the driver is more believable, than street racer driver’s competency. I've been thinking about why. Even cybersport racing looking like a real motorsport more, than street racing. Why?

Jenson Button
Cyber sport racing F1
I heard unique words not so long ago: 
"If you would ask sport racing driver to take the wheel of the car go to start of street races, he will take a good position. If street racer will take the wheel of sport car, he will perform worse than a beginner"
I think that this is the truth. Why no one said what will happen if this wheel would pass to the cyber racing driver?

Cyber sport racing F1
Cyber sport racing F1
If you look at most of the racing tracks, you understand that each has its own unique trajectory. The players know it not by hearsay. Rally driver knows exactly, that each turn -  is like a once breathtaking. Like in school, watching and learning in these textbooks, rally driver will identify the trajectory of the road. 1:0 Cyber sport driver VS Street racing driver, motor sport driver  Many street racers have improved car (I have some photos of these, I will show if I find). Is it enough to feel the car? At that moment, when the transmission has been switched, the car is like a woman with an unpredictable nature. It doesn’t matter-  you are moving in a straight line or going into a turn too. Street racer feels a real car more. 0:1 Cyber sport driver VS Street racing driver, motor sport driver 

What about professionalism? Professional life -  is professional throughout. Don't listen when someone told that. Cybersport driver’s watchful eye will notice the shortcomings of the race track. Motorsport driver’s finger will tell apart  50 shades of mood the helm of the sports car. Street racer looking like the elementary school student, for me only perhaps.
The case – is the ability to see the trajectory of the road alignment( no matter the countryside or city). I think sports or extreme training will be useful for every driver

Taisiya Lavi

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