They’ve been working when we rest.

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Meanwhile, fans of global Motorsport have been upset feels; the bosses of Formula 1 teams continue to work. The Formula One season is finished for the first, for the second it is just beginning. And it begins here with such details; it would seem since business negotiations did. Christian Horner doesn’t hesitate by his drivers and let's know about it to others (Lewis Hamilton on the forefront). By the way, a flurry of activity before 2018 year start, we are obliged to the Liberty Media’s team with its new F1 logo in Abu Dhabi GP and a clear exclamation mark of the new era’s beginning. Apparently, a new era is begun.

A social network is full of photos: who and how of Formula 1's community is resting, sunbathing and traveling, but why most important isn’t there? Google system doesn’t publish important negotiations and business meetings didn’t write by journalists. Maybe, these meetings were closed, or are fans do not interesting of these Formula One news?
Chrisitan Horner’s name we have to remember again. The reason - is an unclear situation in the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team. Accurate data are not disclosed and for why. So we understand the budget will be reduced that Ferrari needs the support of that. Christian Horner hopes that Ferrari will remain. Why is no one who will say that to go and find someone another same man (Christian), who is devotional of traditions, is not simple?
Mr. Eric Boullier is busy, but better to say as ever focused on the job in the team. Honda almost closed the door, but Renault is already waiting for the McLaren F1 team. Here there do and establish communications with the driver's relationships to resolve to legislate. Why nobody say it's hard?

Nico Rosberg will work five times more, not because he was out of work. To return to Formula One, for now, will not be easy. He will be the Manager of Kubica and lead and write and ..... In General, Nico Rosberg ready for any job. Why Liberty Media will not provide it works? In my opinion — to give to him more than difficult, because the most difficult thing he already had (Lewis Hamilton)
Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff
Against this background seems that Toto Wolff is the only one, who hasn’t any problems, but this is nonsense, even bloated article “Mercedes F1 team could leave the championship” – invented by journalists. As a journalist, I'm sure of it. Toto Wolff will have work more than all the others, putting together. The temp, setting in 2017 with the F1 title and the victory of Lewis Hamilton (today Lewis Hamilton is rightly not coming from the new lines) means only one thing – others will do everything possible to take away the dominance of Mercedes F1 team in the 2018 year. “So what?” - You would ask. Now let us remember - who prepare in advance is wins. That's all starting to prepare in advance. This is the same thing as you are prepared before work. Why no one will say that it takes steel nerves? Although, not, that about needs to be silent, and therefore Mercedes F1 is covered by the news about a possible leaving. Well done guys and they knew it.

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Weekend card

What we all have in common? The love to Motorsport, the love of high technologies, an attempt to create and keep that in the language of physicists is called a “piece of arts”. Isn't it? Christian Horner Toto Wolff, Eric Boullier are main persons as responsible persons for their such different and such same F1 teams. They are proving dedication to Motorsport once again. Only their characters’ flit in an interview by sharp words, once again giving us to understand that these people are here for the sake of what would be the first: to be first for their teams, first for their drivers and the first in the world of autosports arts.

Taisiya Lavi

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