Sergey Sirotkin, Robert Kubica, Daniil Kvyat. The match of convenience with Williams F1 team

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Do you believe that 7 million of Nico Rosberg could make Robert Kubica drive for Williams F1 team? Do you believe that Nico Rosberg could do it? Do you believe that money could make people choose?

I'm not. Why? Lets to think together!

Not so long time ago, my friends, my likely public SimplyFormula did the theory. It was about different ways of Sergey Sirotkin and Robert Kubica and how they can be driving with the Williams F1 team and the answer to the main question - Why Williams F1 don’t legalize the relationship? By their view, it’s about the money and popularity of every driver.

A person no 1. Daniil Kvyat. Do you believe that he will be driving for the Williams F1 team? All that we know –is that he a good driver, he is perspective and young. He did a mistake, but who is didn’t? Anyway, Helmut Marko told about the Russian force and about the talent of the young drivers. Daniil Kvyat ended his 2015 F1 season at the 7th place in the F1 championship. Although his reputation wasn’t so good for the 2017 year. He wanted to be first so much that he loses…. When I say “loose” I mean lose patience and emotions like the motivation to. It’s only my opinion, but his person wasn’t looking so faster like Pierre Gaslly was.

A person no 2. Sergey Sirotkin. Do you believe that he will be driving for the Williams F1 team? We know about Sergey's success not so loudly as it about others. Anyway he showed good results, he does himself as a good driver, he always with the team. Who saw or hear loudly words about other drivers' behavior about Formula One. No, he was keeping the silence (perhaps he knows, that only the force – is the loudest word in F1 world).

A person no 3. Robert Kubica. Show me someone who doesn’t want to see him in Williams F1? Every Formula 1 fan wants Robert Kubica coming back. He showed his force his power. I ‘am as others wanted to (I told about it earlier). Williams F1 team gets not only Robert Kubica if they chose him, but the will also have a person with such experience and a really fearless F1 driver.

Nico Roberg and Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica
What about the money? My friends and good fans told that the reason is money. I don’t think so. Williams F1 team needed a special person as a driver. The specific person who will take the points will win, the driver who will be interested in journalists. I’m talking about the really public person, media person in Formula One, like Lewis Hamilton (for example).

Why Williams F1 team does not legalize the relationship? In this way, no one, except Robert Kubica could be Williams's F1 driver. Maybe, that’s why they need the time to think until January 2018. I have the question. We know that Nico Rosberg tried to be everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean TV shows, shows, racing, other racing, papers PR actions and more. How person that tried to be everywhere is not for one way? (one year was gone since he leaves F1, one year! Nico Rosberg doesn’t know what to do after racing, he didn’t find himself).

Why Williams F1 team does not legalize the relationship? Daniil Kvyat is a dangerous person because a lot of things showed that his belief in success isn’t so enough. Is he a media and public? Yes. Is he a good driver and a talented guy? Yes, but he didn’t reach the limit with all his opportunities. It is a lot of risk with that person

Why Williams F1 team does not legalize the relationship? Sergey Sirotkin is the one person, that Williams F1 team could change and be able to point to a good way. Moreover, he showed really good results. Meanwhile, Nico Rosberg entered the game with seven million. Don’t you find it very strange? Only 7 million of Nico Rosberg showed us, that Williams was to close to match with Sergey Sirotkin.

Only 7 million showed that the reason isn’t money. Otherwise, the choice would be done. So, people could be so loudly talking about the money in motorsport in life. The truth is so simple. Personal abilities and success wanting, the hard work with good results, the hard work out of yourself – that’s why someone chooses exactly you! For why I’m talking about it? How many times you chose by taking into account the money?

Taisiya Lavi

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