Motorsport holidays. Let’s make a wish!

Sochi GP Formula One
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Not so long time ago I’d been seeing Dani Sordo, I remember how made the best wishes for new wins. I remember how emotional it was. It was in Russia in Moscow. 

Before the Happy New Year, I’ve been thinking what kind wishes I would make for our drivers, big bosses and team managers. As a first: I think the McLaren  (Renault) team engineers need more luck. This year wasn’t so easy for this team. It seems to look like a small drama in the big world of Motorsport. Let’s wish them luck for a New Year.  Of course, a big win (emotional) wins we should say to Fernando Alonso. This year showed how much work could do one person.
My personal wish is Zak Brown has being to continue a perfect job, Mclaren team deserves for a good place. Scuderia Ferrari needs our support and belief. So, let’s wish a satisfaction and a good position in F1 scheduler. Last Formula One GPs showed Sebastian Vettel needs self-power. I think their working union with Kimi Raikkonen is more than just a destiny. Our best wishes for 1th' places dreams come true! My personal wish is a Scuderia Ferrari money will be a lot for being enough for real battle at Formula One’s racetracks. As I wish to Daniil Kvyat a personal stabilize and luck as I won't wish to Brendon Hartley to improve and show all his power in 2018. I think his fans would be agree Brendon Hartley has a real straight and force. Mercedes F1 team as Red Bull Racing F1 team did a good job for the 2017 F1 year. After all, we would say big thanks to Christian Horner and Toto Wolff
Lewis Hamilton
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What you could say to Lewis Hamilton for New Year? We could say, that we wish happiness and more other good things, but my personal wish for Lewis Hamilton – is a more creative and “arts” in his job!
Citroen WRC sport and Msport WRC were working so good like there were different parts of big part of the world Motorsport. That’s why we would wish new faces and new wins for both teams.

My personal wish is to Sebastien Loeb will do new records of speed, and Dani Sordo will surprise us his new best faster stage. We all want ( I guess) that Sebastien Ogier would done his decision about the future, really good decision, we hope it will be about WRC!

I want to say thank to Sochi GP Formula One and Baku GP for good organization and I’m making wish to both a more creative and more interesting GP (like it was in 2016 for Sochi GP F1).> My personal thanks to Motorsport, Autosport and F1 news. Your information always on time, Happy New Year! 

Dear fans, lets wish luck and personal happiness for Happy New Year to each other and to drivers, bosses and team’s engineers.  Don’t you? What you want to wish (personal) for someone?

Taisiya Lavi

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