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Formula One is continued. Let's call a spade a spade.

Formula One is to be continued

If you don't like information made out of nothing (created by journalists), so your feed is not full of news of the Motorsport world. You are not alone, because mine too.
Therefore, for don’t create news from nothing, I'd been thought for many of us (I’m talking not about only journalists) being time to call a spade a spade.

Alain Prost

Why Formula One needs the truth? I believe not in the “dry rules” and relationships on the paper, like you my dear reader to. We are all missing the simple human relations. So, where is it to take? If we are going to be the most watered correcting?
Alain Prost gave an interview to a famous portal Radio Télévision Belge Francophone not so long time ago. I really liked his concise answers. Professor is professor, although the history of relations with Ayrton Senna (As for you, I don’t know), for me the uttermost riddle, covered by mystery of F1 history
Ayrton Senna

The Stoffele Vandoorne’ success was obvious to this year, Alain Prost had his own opinion.

But I think Vandoorne is now playing on the same level or even better than Alonso. He's doing his development in a perfect way.
An easy question – ‘why?’ Why is so hard to work with Fernando Alonso? Why not to tell the truth about  Spanish McLaren driver’s complicated nature or of his constant "oppressive other" thirst for success? I’m writing about this, because it's not obvious. It is totally enclosed fact for me as for you to.  As  for fans of the teams and drivers, to hear those words would be very interesting for them because fans have no way tocommunicate with drivers and team, as it makes Prost, but...
Being on a team with Alonso is not easy, so Vandoorne has to stay calm, take his time, and I think there is no problem for him to be on top in years to come.
Expectations of great results in the McLaren team – is a question of the time and (now to say it better) in the hands of fortune. 
Judging by the interview with Toto Wolff about Liberty Media, the questions were similar looking to those asked during the interrogation. The situation is different, but sincerity is always being wanted. 

Formula One bosses

The Formula One bosses are aware the situation. Formula One's fans want to know it to.
But we do not see any vision," he said. "Nobody knows where the journey is going. All we know now is that sales and profits have fallen sharply.
The direct question about collaboration was done colder word "NO" . Why not to say things are dislike able? Why not to say about it openly?  Why fans of Motorsport (they are an integral part of Motorsport) don't know anything about it? Moreover, such leaders have something to compare. The era of Bernie Ecclestone is not yet over. I think that you also miss him, as I’am and as Arif Rahimov, executive director of Baku City Circuit to.

Arif Rahimov, executive director of Baku City Circuit

We are leave F1 now and talk about what was done. Despite the fact that Daniil Kvyat is a Russian driver, people are only guessing aboutDaniil Kvyat did on the tests of Nascar Euro Series

Alex Caffi [voormalig F1-coureur voor Arrows en Euro NASCAR-teambaas] en ik kennen elkaar goed vanuit Monaco en hij vroeg me of ik iets nieuws en leuks wilde proberen. Ik voelde de auto snel aan en het is erg leuk om mee te rijden. Ik heb me goed geamuseerd.
Why not to say so as it is? Kvyat did try his hand at NASCAR.  Why is Nascar and for why is Nascar? The cars are still different.

Kvyat did try his hand at NASCAR

For why to tell the truth? Who needs it? Do supporting tolerance? In my opinion the tolerance must be not in silence, it must be loudly in sound. All have to be tolerant in the world of Motorsport, expressing his personal opinion. The fans of big races waiting for the real emotions of sincerity and truth, not guesses only. After all, sooner or later, journalists will know the truth, and while reporters will make guesses and not the best suggestions about happening in the world of Motorsport and we will quietly and slowly continue to scroll news feed with news , that made from nothing.

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