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Formula One Grid girls.

Grid girls of Formula One

Not so long time ago I notice small news about rejecting Grid girls of Formula One. I didn’t make the sense for it, till this moment.  I’ve been looking around at the last years of Formula One, and understood that the women do motorsport more especial. Why? For why we don’t need to reject Formula One' grid girls?

grid girls on at Formula One's racetrack

As a first: Beautiful women do motorsport more interesting. I saw the people, whom bought very costs F1' tickets, but they weren’t Formula One fans. Moreover women taken attention not less than racing. One of my friend told me about recognize the country by the grid girls’ clothes. Its naturally, they wear traditional dresses. They are always different, but very beautiful.

grid girls on at Formula One's racetrack

What about beautiful. Guys, don’t you think that Liberty Media has other opinion about beauty? Of course different countries – different opinions.  If you ask me about my favorite. My choice – is Baku Circuit F1' grid girls

Baku Circuit F1' grid girls

They aren’t similar with others, and have some especial wildest beauty, that makes attention always. As the second:  the concept of beauty. 

USA grid girls

USA grid girls have the most revealing outfits. Perhaps, that’s the reason of rejecting?  How they could to wonder us (you, me, him, them) if they show more than everything?

Baku Circuit F1' grid girls

….Anyway I want to see grid girls at Formula One's racetrack, but I want to see beautiful, like magic beautiful women with perfect bodies and very interesting smile, like this Niki Lauda and Helmut Marko want too.

Baku Circuit F1' grid girls

Maybe, is Liberty Media Company did unsatisfied by grid girl emotions? This is very hard work – for the third. In my experience I had the opportunity for being a Pit Girl at the Russian Formula One GP. After all they explained to me rules, I understood there is very difficult work. Long studs, uncomfortable dresses, the 12 hour day of work – there aren’t end the list of casting wishes.

For why girls do it?  The most part of Formula One' Grid Girls do like motorsport very much. The truth – isn’t to have a popularity or do selfie with driver, no. The Grid Girl is more than just a very beautiful girl. She is a part of big celebration; she is a part of motorsport show, auto sport weekend! After all, how we would to reject Formula One's grid girls?

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Taisiya Lavi (creator)

I enjoy Autosport. Are you with me?

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