Brazilian passion of 500 Milhas de Kart.

500 Milhas de Kart at Kartоdromo Ganja Viana in Sao Paulo
Not only one time I’ve been saying that the world of Motorsport has to be a place to emotions and not for dry rules of regulations when business dictates that you "need "to say and that you aren't possible. During the F1 season, we tried to understand several such situations. So it was on Mexico GP and F1 race Singapore.

Actually, I thought that even the drivers’ speech ‘before’ and ‘after ‘ the race is written, moreover the "insured" by all apologies to "what if..?".
Meantime, not so long time ago, something happened at one of the karting tracks that angered Motorsport Federation of Brazil!

Two drivers were getting a real fight before the finish of 500 Milhas de Kart at Kartоdromo Ganja Viana in Sao Paulo. To going into the detail and talking about "who is blame?" and "what to do?" - it is absolutely not my busy. All that matters to me –is a real battle on the race track: between two drivers Tuca Rocha and Rodrigo Dantas. It was a struggle, a real battle, worthy racing battle. Yes, it was shown on TV. Yes, the racing ratings have increased. Was it ugly? The answer is - yes. Was it ashamed? The answer is- no.

To be honest, I can't disagree with the words: 
"Scenes like those seen on Saturday dishonour anybody with a passion for motorsport and strongly damage the image of our sport. "
 by Confederação Brasileira de Automobilismo president, Waldner Bernardo

However, I certainly cannot agree with other words: 
“From what I saw, the whole team should be disqualified,” he said of the previous encounters between them. “
Felipe Massa

Let's go back to the incident.

Rodrigo Dantas, who was driving a second kart for Massa’s team, was holding up former World Series by Nissan and A1 Grand Prix racer Tuka Rocha – who was in second and trying to catch leader Massa.
Felipe Massa
Felipe Massa

I believe that every driver has the right! Has the right to show his emotions. It's ugly (what happened in Brazil), nobody is arguing.
Although, for why Felipe Massa says his apology? Isn’t a fear to ruin his new reputation? (as ahead of the Federation).

Every driver has a right to express the feelings! The way to do it by fighting - is ugly, but he still has the right to express. Anyway, why it is so ashamed? A bad example? Isn’t the bad example that all Media sources of motorsport and Formula One threatened us by the most terrible headlines? There is said that they wanted to "strangle" each other. Isn’t bad example to constantly focus us on that?

To be honest, I don’t feel the shame about it. In Felipe Massa’s place, I wouldn’t to apologize and would get the short answer: “Ugly – Yes, ashamed – no, it's Motorsport”. On the background of the news, Fernando Alonso may well be proud of his achievements.

Why am I all about it? How often do you get involved in a fight by a fit of emotion?

Taisiya Lavi

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