What an uncertain Williams F1 team! What a definite Nico Rosberg!

Lawrence Stroll
Lawrence Stroll and Lance Stroll

That fact Lance Stroll will stay in Formula One with Williams F1 team would surprise no one because we have Lawrence Stroll. You can get wrinkles about the connection in Formula One as much as you like, but the history still does not support you in this regard. By the way, Father Stroll will always support, moreover will give good advice.

Although, if everything is clear with Lance Stroll, ‘do not look into the water!’, then everything is incomprehensible with the teammate. Why am I talking about this? Because Robert Kubica returns in Formula One sometimes, like sometimes isn’t my journalist’s version. Moreover, those who already know for sure that Robert will be racing in Formula One as much as those who don’t believe in it.
Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica
He is respectable, if doesn’t by Formula 1’ alliance, then by the whole world is absolute. His solid character, fighting qualities of a real driver, the desire for victory (at the racetrack and beyond this) and most importantly  - is the love to autosport. There are all pluses for Robert Kubica, with the exception of one, such a big minus – is Nico Rosberg. Almost everywhere, where this name flashes, I couldn’t remain silent. “Left - means leave”, like always. And why do you coming back to, if to the whole world knows you left,  the door is closed, happy way!  But, not for Nico Rosberg’s case only.

Nico Rosberg
Nico Rosberg

For the last time, he tries to be everywhere:  on all TV channels and in all programs, everywhere - where there is   Formula One.  The queen of motorsport has popularity, this is true. Therefore, Nico Rosberg can be found in the Mercedes boxes, he could be seen outside - for example, on the podium of Monaco. He will be just watching it on TV, if circumstances do not allow, just like that
... without any obligations.
Nico Rosberg's book
Nico Rosberg book

The biography book has been started, the first pages have been opened, but there are no letters. The show is on TV, and everything doesn’t seem to be, please. The cup is dusting in the cupboard, and everything is sad. Even the prospect of heading a sports team (not as a driver) is not encouraging. Sadly, sadly Nico Rosberg, so he took up the leadership and mentoring for Robert Kubica. Everything is clear.  Although, such a story of Nico Rosberg makes be please our eyes, and if you think that he is a champion - so generally must be a super manager, but are they becoming managers in this way?

Look at Jean Todt, and  Flavio Briatore, and tell me for now:  what kind of managers are we needed?  Are those who crave the driver' success for theirs work, or those who do success of driver in theirs work?

Flavio Briatore knows the answer to this question. Who would say something, but I had seen their job before, even if it was not yesterday. They, along with Jean Todt, take the top of best managers. Why? Because they do their work by such a way that you will never see their faces, they will not shows in front of cameras and other events, doing like fathers to their drivers, instructing them by the right path. And what is the right path? Yes, only this question can be answered by a person with many years of experience. Experience is not just participation in racing, but an understanding of the whole work of the world of motorsport.
Nico Roberg and Robert Kubica
Hamilton, Rosberg and Kubica

So I crept my little ‘not’  in favor of Robert  Kubica. He is a very good Formula One driver, I respect him unlimitedly, but.... Will he be guide by Nico Rosberg so, that Stroll would fades against the background of Kubica? Stop and ask yourself a question. Is it enough – to have one F1 championship title for instructing another? Does Nico Rosberg fit into the "moral father" to Robert Kubica? Or is it just like in famous words "Who doesn’t know how, that is teaching how"?

Taisiya Lavi

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