Welcome to the 'Other side'. Why Liberty Media wants a new F1 logo?

Lewis Hamilton USA GP
Formula 1
Formula one - is so classic that it has become a real tradition. Moreover, the logo of the Queen of Motorsport is the same tradition, such as red color for the Ferrari F1 team. I'm talking about Scuderia Ferrari because it's not so easy with it. It is not so obvious to us how much to Ferrari's direction. Meanwhile, we are trying to understand budgets and restrictions for next year, (Moreover, we forget about the "Halo" system ), Liberty Media is not going to be limited.
Recently we did know that we would see a new logo in Abu Dhabi GP, a new F1 logo our traditional Queen of racing. What is the reaction of fans?  Although, it's nothing unusual.

reaction of fans
Instagram reaction of fans
Everything is quite predictable. It only remains another question. Who is not just came up with the idea about changing the logo, even replace it with these? You should pay attention, this design decision has already been patented. And this means that we will have to go to the 'Other side'. However, before you say it is "bad" or "good", let's try to understand why Liberty Media does need a new F1 logo.

It is believed that liberty Media creates a new Formula One era, that does not resemble the reign of Bernie Ecclestone. The bottom line -  is the brand of the product "Formula 1". Honestly, I don't like it. And here is my 'no' - it is the tradition that has developed by not one year. By the way, Liberty Media's direction doesn't so long for radical changes.
If we're talking about the changes then we need to talk about the financial side. We are all known that change, though is the engine of progress, not always, but is. Do we need the Formula -1 progress? Of course, do. What kind of result would be after all these changes - is hard to say?

Mexico GP
Mexico photo by Motorsport.com

It is hard to say about the changes, that we sawed. Rather a strange celebration of the "festival of Motorsport" in Mexico GP or eccentric exits' drivers at Austin GP in USA Grand Prix. Is Formula One became more popular? Be honest, let's tell the truth. Well, it is! And now let's ask ourselves for what audience our racing Queen is becoming more popular?

new F1 logo
new F1 logo

Since the moment, that we talking of popularity, how to be silent about finances. Let's assume the above activities do need financial investment, and if you currently do imagine a few zeros, it is quite considerable. Food for thought:  changed logo, which is waiting for Formula One in Abu Dhabi is expensive. Just imagine, already protected by intellectual property rights.
In this way do need: to replace flags and other Formula One attributes. It's not just to change the name in Face book. In this way, we can't disagree with Joe Saward. (let me explain: these changes could wait to winter)Apparently, no one will be waiting for it. Liberty Media is working hard for the image, and 'yes', we noticed it. Although, 'how are these costs justified?' is not our problem.

Everything seems to be clear, except Scuderia Ferrari's problems. The transition to the new engines in Red Bull Racing can't leave us to relax. It's not even by the transitions, there is a perfectly logical question. You do not have the finance in your budget, but you have this: to doing shows and change logos, etc.
Anyway, Liberty Media has beginning to work. Men, brave men try and working hard, and no one will judge them. Change is a good thing, but let's agree that these changes must be doing motorsport better. Let your aspirations be directed to the good side and do not lose in the threads of logical thinking.

Taisiya Lavi

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