Sebastian Vettel and unforgettable Mexico GP. Let’s put a point on it.

Taisiya Lavi 2:27 PM
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Why so much people want Sebastian Vettel penalty after Mexico GP? That was a very difficult situation. The accident between a red car and Lewis Hamilton looks like deliberate behavior by Vettel.

If so, why Lewis Hamilton is very calm about it? I don’t want to say that Sebastian Vettel did right or wrong. Moreover, I guessing Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver doesn’t know about it by him.  Even more, I think this situation doesn’t matter for now time, but it’s for me only.
I understand Christian Horner’s opinion about it, like Toto Wolff’s words about it to.  They have all rights and we respected. I understand Max Verstappen and many other directors and very good drivers, who thinking in this way. Was it a mistake? Of course, but it wasn’t something more like unsportsmanlike conduction or something that must not be at the race track in Formula One. Anyway I’ve got one thing that I can’t understand. Why other ex-drivers or someone, who doesn't saw Mexico GP is talking about it? Why they are doing it like they would do it better, even by Sebastian Vettel’s side? Maybe all journalists and others need to ask Hamilton about it?  Moreover, Charlie Whiting knows who is a fault in Mexico Grand Prix 2017. I’m talking about ex-Formula One driver, Vitaly Petrov. He can say nothing and decides that Vettel is a fault. Moreover, Sebastian needs a penalty after this unforgettable Mexico F1 Grand Prix.  Well, let’s remember when Russian held-up Ferrari driver (Fernando Alonso) during Abu Dhabi's Grand Prix (2010).
Why our Carlos Sainz doesn’t talk about this accident? Why are we keeping silence other drivers? Although, journalists and some drivers can’t get the same way. Let’s put a point on it. Sebastian 

Vettel did a great job in Mexico GP, he proved his work. Did he do a mistake? Yes. Did he need a penalty? No. He wants to be a champion, he wanted to be faster. Where is a mistake for the penalty? Is nervous mood deserves the penalty? He needs to be more calming down. How you could be calm down in this way? Aren’t we different? 

The point on Mexico GP.
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