No news for autosport journalists

Williams F1
Williams F1
It seems that motorsport reporters haven't good information. If you are talking and trying to get to know Fernando Alonso 's cat, you haven't known about what to write.
I remember how I tried to make the news, then get the TV's job. Anyway, this is too much.

Let's help reporters to write something. Dears let's write about drivers working hard for a new race. Look at Esteban Ocon. Haven't you a good idea? Let's tell about Carlos Sainz's success. His last race with Renault F1 needs good attention! Let's write about Sebastian Vettel. His wishing to win needs more respect, as his good sides of the driver. Let's write something about Seb Loeb. Why do you have silence?

Felipe Massa can't be silent and we don't want to he would leave us. Do something, write something, he deserves a good word!
The good words must be done for Daniil Kvyat. Christian Horner told specific speech for his success and motivation. Why you didn't hear that? Why you are still silent? Make some noise behind Citroen WRC racing! Just do it! Make some noise behind Lewis Hamilton and his win. He deserves it. Dears journalists, you have a lot of ways to say good words about drivers and teams. You could do the right things, so why are you talking about Kimi Raikkonen's champagne bottle and the cat?

Taisiya Lavi

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