Niki Lauda and friendship.

Taisiya Lavi November 09, 2017

Meanwhile, Niki Lauda has been told us about Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton’s friendship, we notice, that Sr. Niki Lauda hasn't got many good friends. We have to say “Why”? When I've been listen to him, I begin to respect Sr. Niki Lauda more and more. He proves by himself, that love to motorsport and racing could make you lose something more. Sometimes it's been an important thing, sometimes is not. Nico Rosberg was scared of his career’s ending, although he makes us think in this way. He has a family. On the other side, the world of autosport loves brave men. It could be Formula One or Indycar or WRC rally or Nascar. It doesn’t matter, motorsports cars do choose the bravest men. It seems like from the law of nature. The champion — is the fastest and strongest person.
Anyway Niki Lauda told about popularity, he did it many times.

Factor № 1. Popularity. It's really sad, but even more, you have popularity in Formula One than more people begin to be behind you, a lot of people. They couldn’t to give you guarantees that will be with you for bad times. They don’t help you when you will need it more than ever. I saw those people in Formula One at Sochi GP in Russia. It seems that, they are with you for photos, for TV, for….fun. Anyway, 'funny times' will end, and they are all ended to, because you are a specific person.

Factor № 2. Specific person. Every Formula One GP I‘ve been looking at Niki Lauda. He is specific. He has some kind of strange aura, it is magic. Why? Nikki Lauda is stubborn in one's deal and persistent in his views. He will protect it until the end. Is he arrogant? Maybe, but who cares, if Sr. Lauda knows so much about cars and racing? It is very difficult- to talk with the same person. If you try to talk with someone from Indycar series or WRC (look at Carlos Sainz) you will feel it. He is always right, every time. Even he was wrong you didn’t need to wait for ‘sorry, because he will be right at all. Why? Niki Lauda knows about racing and cars too much. He is in love with autosport.

Factor № 3. To be in love with autosport. I don’t want to tell you a lot of things about the amazing Formula One world. I want to say, the character is unique. Try to explain by example.
I was a little child and dream to do horse-riding like a real professional. I‘m in love with speed and force since I was a little girl. When I get 11 years old my family gave that opportunity for me, but they are all were scared about it. Someone of my friend asked: “Why don’t you scared if you will get the crash or fall?” I remember my answer ‘For why I must be scared if I love everything that I do’. I was never scared of jumping with horses and ridding. Even when I got to fall, I wasn’t scared. I think Niki Lauda has the same feeling. He didn’t scare and never leave his love with motorsport.

That’s why not so many people could to be able to understand it and support it. Anyway, I begin to respect Sr. Lauda more and more. What about friendship? Who knows what kind of cars waiting for Bottas and Lewis Hamilton in 2018, what kind of relationships would be?

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