New era and new F1 logo. Why it is so..?

F1 logo
F1 logo
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix ended with very specific events. If I told you, that someone forgets about Valtteri Bottas' win or very beautiful Yas Marina Circuit, you would say — “We have the reason” and we are both will be right. Some kind of reason, just a little reason — is the New Logo F1. When I’ve been heard about it, I thought it’s just a joke and nothing serious about that. Anyway, we are wrong, it was true and new Logo F1 was seen by all people (when I’ve been telling “all people”, I mean drivers to) at Yas Marina Circuit.

What’s wrong with that? Why we were looking at and were getting some strange and specific reactions, strange feelings happens after Formula One Grand Prix. Why it’s so...
Anyway, no one did expect it too soon. Moreover, no one expected it for the end of Formula One season. For why Liberty Media did it? Well, we are known that new era of Formula One  (What kind of era? No one knows, of course) has come for now. (Is it at the end of the season?)

Well, it’s not so bad things, which could happen, if we don’t be thinking about other companies with the same design. (ESPN). 
If we are would think that people worked hard like motorsport fans do against the new “era”.
I’m really like Formula One fans are those people who couldn’t be calm and talking a lot about dislike. So, why they dislike it so much? Look at the statistic characters — more than 65% are don’t like the new logo. 
F1 logo
Youtube dislikes
Why it happens?  People are dislike changes? In this way, Liberty Media thought so. It’s true as it is false. Old logo F1 seems so usual, and we are all like it because it has something special. Yes-yes by this number “one” behind. It seems some secrets hidden in the old logo.
What about new? Is it likable? Perhaps, in the future, perhaps in a new era when it will be done, but for now, we couldn’t see that some specific strange symbol of Formula One that was hidden. When I’ve been told about “so”, I mean is so unusual for Formula One of our time. Anyway, I’m proud of those fans, who do continue and do examples. We have to say really good examples of the new F1 logo.
F1 logo 

The most important thing — is that Formula One drivers are keeping silent about it. I want to ask “why?” If Formula One season ended doesn’t mean that ended something other. New cars and new deals, new workouts are waiting for drivers. Motorsport doesn’t end by the Yas Marina circuit. Why are you keeping silence, gentlemen drivers? Why no one would say that is good or bad. Your fans crying and you still keep silence. You are faces of motorsport. Your words are so important.

Taisiya Lavi

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