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The driver of our time: is not a boy not yet a man.

Kalle Rovanpera is ready for FIA World Rally Championship

Of course, they aren’t’ boys, because for driving in most important auto sport series you couldn’t allow oneself to be a boy. Formula One, WRCIndycar, WEC, WRX are serious dangerous sports for brave men but, why I think that they so young for it? Why I’m not only one?

Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing

Max Verstappen became a real racing man in 2014, when he was 17 years old. I have nothing against Max Verstappen or Carlos Sainz Jr. They have real professors and masters (theirs fathers). 

Carlos Sainz and Max Verstappen with Jos Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Red Bull Racing
The Greatest Carlos Sainz knows specific of Formula One and WRC. What about Max Verstappen? Perhaps, I understand he is a future F1 world champion, but look at his working on race track. I told that he needs to be more practice more to know, more and more, before to be as great as Senna, as told his father Jos Verstappen.

Every day I hear about new rules or thoughts about safety in Autosport. We want safe cars, we want safe Halo device system, we want safety racetrack, and we are doing after doing something new, something really costs, but why I think, that drivers must think about safety to? Why I think that directors and directions of racing must think about theirs drivers’ safety more, than drivers do? Why I’m not only one?

Kalle Rovanpera is ready for FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Australia

Kalle Rovanpera is ready for FIA World Rally Championship, Rally Australia with his Ford Fiesta R5, M-Sport. I look at him and can't believe to my eyes. He feels his car perfectly. I understand Kalle he is a future World Rally Champion. Meanwhile, he's a 17-year-old boy and why I can't to call him a man and think he need take license as first and does practice more and more till  becomes a real professional like Carlos Sainz or would be looking like Seb Loeb for second? Why I’m not an only one in my opinion?
Pierre Gasly in Formula One

I’m really happy for Pierre Gasly, he deserved his place in Formula One. He proved his brave not for one time, but why it seems to me that serious people must think about safety? I’m respecting autosport and do understand that it is dangerous, I don’t scare for the driver more that he is.
Halo device system Formula one

Of course, they proved that they are real men, but not yet. Why I can’t say that they are? Look at Esteban Ocon or Lance Stroll. For now, let’s remember young Sebastian Vettel and his careful work on racetrack. Of course to spend the money for Halo system  for unbelievable design of cars is easier than more to thinking and get more practice step by step for younger drivers.

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