Suzuka F1. Why are we so much waiting?

Taisiya Lavi October 05, 2017
What is so special about the Suzuka circuit and Japanese Grand Prix? What does it attract so much? Why are we want to look at again and again? You could say that history of race track is the reason. Perhaps, especial time of Formula One racing or …. 

Of course, the configuration of Japan F1 track really amazing. It looks like a big eight. Moreover it is one of high speed racetracks of our Formula One calendar and most interesting in Autosport. Look at the “130R”!
The double-apex section, one with an 85 metres (279 ft) radius, and then a second featuring a 340 metres (1,115 ft) radius, leading to a much closer Casio triangle (chicane)!
Anyway, why are we waiting for Suzuka F1? Of course not because of time. Russian people have to don’t go to sleep for watching 1st practice. Of course yes because of time, especial time of Formula One Championship when drivers, teams and directors would show theirs steel nerves to us. 

Meanwhile we still are waiting for Suzuka F1 as much as we can. What is the reason of it? The atmosphere, people, fans?

The fans of Formula One in Japan are truly unique people. The Japanese are love autorsport, but they do it by special way. In Italy, fans are living and breathing by autosport, it's lifestyle, a kind of lifestyle of Italians. The love for sports cars in theirs blood. And what about Japan Formula One fans?
It seems to me we all know too little about truly love with racing in Japan, especially Japanese Grand Prix. In the USA GP fans seeing amazing cars and unbelievable battle on racetrack, but, in Japan it's different. Here everything is other.

I noticed that here such an event turns into a real holiday. It is not a holiday of speed, but the holiday is filled with happiness, simple human happiness. On the faces of these people there is so much sincere of joy that you beginning to smile with them. Don’t agree with me? Even you are forgetting about the bad luck of Scuderia Ferrari F1 team and Sebastian Vettel' too. Somehow the problems of Lewis Hamilton went to the second place. I’m really sad about the career of Daniil Kvyat, but I’m smiling with Japanese Grand Prix fans. Why?

I have been paying special attention to this grand prix, not for the first time. I noticed that every year they come up with something new. I get the impression that people are heartily concerned with everything that happens on and off the Suzuka F1 track so much, that we all do voluntarily take a part of their senses.  This weekend doesn’t turn into racing time, but becoming to special days into our calendar.

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