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Sochi Autodrom. Where is no especial?

Sochi Autodrom

Today is no especial day like three years ago. It was nothing special for many people, but…not  for Russian Formula One fans.
Where is Sochi located? Many sports persons asking me this question before no especial day coming till that moment when they takes steps to Sochi Autodrom. It is unique city of Russia, nothing especial, but not for Formula One fans. 

Sochi Autodrom

Where is Sochi in Russia? Someone understands that this day of calendar is not just a day. Sochi is a city in Krasnodar Krai, Russia, located on the Black Sea coast near the border between Georgia/Abkhazia and Russia. It will nothing special till they across the line of Sochi Autodrom.

Sochi Autodrom

Wait a minute… Just breathe this unbelievable feeling, just look at these area of racing battlefield just feel this smell of sport cars. Do you feel some kind of new emotions? It seems like you crossed not the racetrack, you take a step to the line of new world with other rules and time is stop in this especial place and people are seems to be other.

It  is the most modern circuit in Eastern Europe. The venue has been designed by Russian experts in conjunction with Tilke Gmbh & Co., the head of which – Hermann Tilke – has designed most of the modern F1 tracks. The circuit is located in the Olympic Park. Isn't everything especial?

Sochi Autodrom

Russian Formula One fans have been seen the First Russian GP for 5.848 km and 18 turns for three years ago. Nothing? It wasn't  on TV not in other country, no. It happened in Russia! The GP2 Series started in 2014 like The GP3 Series  and Russian Touring Car Championship too. Russian autosport fans saw the TCR International Series in 2015!
Sochi Autodrom

Wait a minute. Just imagine how much work did by the organization of Sochi Autodrom! Thanks to these brave persons we had seen the most especial race in life, Russian F1 race! But they didn’t stop. Every time I have been seen that the program of race weekend change and for good way! They do more and more.  You could read about it more.  I told about it in my videos about safety in race. 

Where is especial? Nothing special, because you are, guys you are especial for motorsport fans. Your work could seems not visible but it feels into eyes of Formula One fans into their smiles.  Thanks to you we know about Mitjet Racing and Russian Time team and Round-X team and more and more.. You doing such a big job day by day, step by step.  Not every person told you “thanks”, but they all happy to be there at Sochi Autodrom, their hearts are happy, because of your working! 

Sochi Autodrom

This day haven’t something especial like three years ago, because it's a miracle day and every time, when someone has taken step of Sochi Autodrom line.  In this miracle day I want to say thanks for every person in Sochi Autodrom's direction for all work. Thanks to you for making people happy!

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