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Mexico GP: Hamilton, Vettel, Verstappen. Champion is … with or without title.

Sebastian Vettel

Lewis Hamilton has to be a champion, he must win Mexico GP, he must. What about perfect car and good positions, about good engine? What about a lot of work’ Mercedess F1 team people?
Sebastian Vettel has to be a champion, he must win Mexico GP, he has to. What about accident at Mexico GP race? Who is in fault? Strange situation.

Mexico GP

I don’t want to be like other commentators and journalists, whose talking about one and do talking about faults other driver only at Mexico GPSebastian Vettel failed, but what he did wrong: mistakes, bad corners, bad car. Why he didn’t take that goal? Perhaps, he wanted to be a champion more than others?
I think Sebastian Vettel did great job and good work, but his nervous about championship was more than driving talent at this Mexico GP.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen didn’t look like he would win Mexico GP. Who knows that he does something like this? Anyway, why no one, no one told about his behavior on race track? It’s not just Mexico GP, it was at Austin GP and GP Singapore too. Why no one does judge Max Verstappen by same rules at race track?
I don’t think that talking about faults it is a good. By this way I understood, thanks to Max Verstappen we are known - “never surrender!”

Mexico GP: Hamilton

Is champion with or without title? As it is yes as it's not. They are all champions for us and for someone with and without title of Formula One.

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